UFC 138: Che Mills Is an Up-and-Comer to Watch After Beating Chris Cope

Brandon ChillingworthCorrespondent IINovember 5, 2011

At UFC 138 in Birmingham, England, Che Mills made his UFC debut against Ultimate Fighter contestant Chris Cope. Mills ended the fight in just 40 seconds in spectacular fashion. He's a fighter to watch as he displayed a lot of talent in his victory.

To end the fight, Mills landed a stiff jab followed by a cross, and then drove a powerful knee into Cope's head to drop him to the canvas. Cope tried to recover, but Mills was able to land another knee and other punches that would finish the fight. The ref stepped in 40 seconds into the first round.

I'm usually a hard critic of boxing talent among UFC fighters, as a lot of them throw sloppy punches and make elementary mistakes. Few fighters are able to throw correct punches with correct form. Even less have a stiff jab that can be called respectable.

Che Mills showed great boxing ability in his fight. He was mixing strikes well and threw all of his punches with accuracy. I was very impressed with the stand-up skill level of Mills.

I don't see many fighters in the smaller weight classes that could end fights consistently. I think that Mills could be an exception to that rule. He has extremely quick hands and feet and has the accuracy and power to knock guys out.

Che was on the Ultimate Fighter but lost to the winner, James Wilks. In the fight, Mills rushed in with careless striking and was caught with a heel hook he wasn't ready for. The fight was an elimination match, so Mills didn't make it into the house.

In the fight against Cope, Mills looked like a completely different fighter. He was cautious even while finishing the fight. If he can avoid being beaten on the ground and keep fights standing, he will be a contender to watch out for in the welterweight division.