San Diego Charger Fans Are Missing In Action

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IDecember 13, 2008

As soon as the going got tough, those San Diego Charger fans—who were so brazen, so bold, so arrogant the past two seasons—vacated Bleacher Report. I'm not referring to comments, either. There are still a few of you that chime in.

But where are the authors?

Where did you all go? The Raider fans are still here. The Bronco fans, too. Even the guy who was writing articles about the Chiefs is still around (although I think he's been committed).

So you're not going to be 14-2 this year. Big deal. Does that mean that you all should jump off the bandwagon? Now's not the time.  There's more to write about this year than the past 2 seasons.

We want to know what you think about this disappointing 2008 season.  After making it all the way to the AFC Championship just 11 months ago, the Chargers have fallen to the lower-middle of the pack.

There are plenty of talking points, here are a few:

  • A.J Smith's vote of confidence on Norv Turner returning as coach
  • The officiating and how it has affected the Charger psyche
  • The front office allowing Shawn Merriman to attempt to play on a ravaged knee
  • Allowing Michael Turner and Lorenzo Neal to walk, and how that has affected the running game and Tomlinson's productivity
  • Losing 8 games by a total of 34 points

When a team is going great, the writing comes easy. When the wheels get stuck in the mud, its a little harder. But take it from me, adversity is the best inspiration for writing.

I want to see those Charger fans back on BR.  I want them to prove to the rest of us that they are real fans and not the fairweather fans they are accused of being.