Tony Beltran Video: Watch Defender's Amazing Header Save in MLS Playoffs

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Sometimes in sports, it's not important to score. Obviously, scoring is important in any sport. But keeping a point (or points, depending on the sport) off of the board for your opponent is just as valuable as scoring yourself.

Real Salt Lake's Tony Beltran is living proof of that theory.

Sometimes a great play will happen that appears to have flat out robbed the other team. But the thing about a lot of those plays is that we don't always know what would have happened had the player not stepped in to make a great play.

That's not exactly the case with Beltran. That ball was very clearly headed to the net and Beltran made a miraculous play to keep it out.

As the announcers talked about, that play completely overrode what was a fantastic shot. Considering the situation, that was dead on line with a lot of smoke, which makes Beltran's save even better.

He wasn't really even in position to make the save. That's another thing.

It's not only that he's not a goalie. He was dramatically out of position, having to make a save on the run.

That's what you call sacrificing yourself for the good of the team. That was a play that just appeared lost for Real Salt Lake that ended up being a wonderful play.

Now I know what you're probably thinking. They did lose the game. That's true. But they advanced as a result of winning the series with a 3-2 aggregate. You never know what difference one goal might make.

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