WWE Fantasy Booking Week 4: Raw Edition

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIINovember 6, 2011

WWE Fantasy Booking Week 4: Raw Edition

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    Welcome back to WWE Fantasy Booking with me, Will J Baker, and my collaborator, Alex Rivas.

    After a hectic and action-packed Vengeance pay-per-view, Fantasy Booking will roll on into the build-up to the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series.

    For those of you that missed the pay-per-view, you can click on the link above and see the full results, which included a huge victory for Christian over Cena with involvement from Awesome Truth and the crowning of a new World Heavyweight Champion in Sheamus!

    If you want to go back and look at previous articles in the series, then you will be able to find them in my archive.

    Enjoy the show!

John Cena Comes out to Kick off the Show

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    John Cena runs out to the ring to a huge crowd reaction but Cena looks serious and down-hearted.

    John Cena

    "For those of you who missed Vengeance,  I was defeated by Christian inside a steel cage after interference from the Miz and R-Truth.

    Now I am no stranger to pain and punishment. I have been beaten down, brutalized, knocked out and assaulted in every state in America!

    Physical pain I can cope with, but what the Miz and R-Truth have done is to put the company that I love in jeopardy. They have disrespected me along with several of my colleagues with vicious career-threatening attacks.

    CM Punk accused John Laurinaitis of being an inside contact for Miz and Truth but I disagree! Johnny Ace has neither the brains or the imagination to engineer these circumstances. I think it is quite clear after the events that unfolded last night, that Christian is the third man in this picture, the hooded stranger that attacked Triple H!

    I am now speaking directly to Miz, Truth and Christian, whether you are here tonight or not, if you think you can make me into a target then I dare you to meet me in this ring! 

    I don’t care if you’re fired, I will fight you in the streets if I have to!"

Triple H's Music Hits...

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    The COO of the company comes out to an equally positive reception and walks down to the ring to address Cena.

    Triple H

    "Cena, last week I would have come out here and told you to stop running your mouth before you said something that you will regret. But this has gone too far!

    I have spoken to the Board of Directors and they want this resolved in the easiest and quickest way possible so I am going to take the suit off and take care of business in the only way I know how!

    So Miz, Truth and Christian, I know you’re listening, I am challenging you to a match next week on Raw.

    Cena and I will face the three of you in this very ring, no disqualifications! If you can beat us, then you can have your jobs back! But if we win then Christian, you will be fired, and the company will press legal charges against all three of you if you ever set foot in a WWE arena again!"

Miz, R-Truth and Christian in the Stands

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    A voice is heard ringing through the arena! Triple H and Cena look confused but then the camera zooms in on a shot of Miz, R-Truth and Christian in the back row of the stands.


     "Hunter, Hunter, we’re up here, Mr COO! So the gloves are coming off and the Cerebral Assassin is getting back in the ring? Is that supposed to scare us? After you performed like a senior citizen at the Night of Champions, we would welcome any chance to run rings around you! Consider your challenge accepted!"


    "How are you feeling, Cena? How is your back? I embarrassed you last night in that cage and you’re right, I have been working with Awesome Truth from the beginning. They had the right idea about who to deal with the conspiracy that surrounds Triple H’s regime!

    I would like to refute claims however that I attacked Triple H in the backstage area, I did no such thing! If I want to attack an authority figure, I do it to his face! Just watch how I dealt with Teddy Long!" 


    "Next week, you gonna get got! But, although Maths may not be my strong point, there are three of us and only two of you! At least give us a challenge!"

"Cult of Personality" Hits...

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    CM Punk makes his way down to the ring to thunderous applause and he has a microphone in hand!

    CM Punk

    “Allow me to interrupt these proceedings! Miz and R-Truth, you made an enemy of me when you attacked myself and my tag team partners. You attempted to jeopardize my WWE title reign and I would love a chance to kick you out of this company for good! If that is okay with the COO and his Boy Scout lackey?”

     Triple H

    “We’d love to have you, Punk. But for now I suggest you take the night off and find a comfortable seat to watch tonight’s main event. Because it will be a 25 man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal to determine who you will face for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series.”

    Miz, R-Truth and Christian leave the arena and CM Punk makes eye contact with Triple H as we cut to commercial.

Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan

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    In a rematch from the Vengeance pay-per-view, these two former ROH athletes go toe to toe for the second time.

    Rollins in his Raw debut will be looking to make a good impression after their PPV match went to a 15 minute time limit draw.

    The match is announced as a no-time-limit bout and the two talented grapplers go on to have another wrestling clinic.

    This time there is a winner as Bryan counters a Super Kick into a LaBell lock and this time Rollins taps out.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan 

Backstage Interview with Former World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry

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    Matt Striker asks Mark Henry some questions about how he lost his title to Sheamus at Vengeance in the Six Pack Challenge.

    Henry pauses and then manhandles Striker, throwing him about like a ragdoll.

    But before he can do serious damage, the Big Show enters like a steam train and spears Henry through the stage. 

Beth Phoenix In-Ring Promo with Natalya

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    The "Divas of Doom" are in the ring and Beth Phoenix is gloating about her victory over Eve last night.

    Beth Phoenix

    "I have now dispatched Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres proving that I am the most dominant Divas Champion of this generation or any other generation!

    Two of the prize Barbie Dolls have stepped and both of them have been sent down!

    Natalya and I have revolutionised a dying division and restored some pride to the genre of women's wrestling!

    But the trouble is now that we have dismantled the models and the gymnasts and the failed dancers, there is no-one left worthy of a title shot. 

    Kelly, Eve, who is next? Alicia Fox?

    Both Natalya and Beth Phoenix laugh hysterically at the idea of Alicia Fox being given a title shot but they are interrupted by the sound of a familiar song.

Trish Stratus Returns!

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    It is the "Diva of the Decade", Trish Stratus, and the crowd erupts to see her return for the first time since WrestleMania 27.

    Trish Stratus

    "Ladies, what do you have against models and gymnasts? In case you've forgotten, I broke into the business as a model and I became one of the greatest Women's Champions in history!

    These girls may not have worked the independent scene, they may not know the history of the business inside out like you do but they have worked so hard to improve their craft!

    I admire the current Divas that have to put up with so much abuse from the likes of you when they show an incredible amount of dedication week in week out!

    So, Triple H, has decided to shut you up and at Survivor Series, you will face your biggest test yet!

    At Survivor Series, it will be an Elimination tag team match pitting Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart against Trish Stratus and....."

Here Comes Lita!

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    It's Lita! Lita's back!

    Trish's greatest ever opponent and one of the most well-respected Women's wrestlers of all time is back as well!

    And now Trish and Lita run down to the ring and brawl with the "Sisters of Salvation!"

    Beth rolls out of the ring but Natalya gets caught by the Chick Kick and then Lita hits a picture-perfect Moonsault on the "Anvilette!"

Kings of Wrestling vs Ziggler and Swagger

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    Another well-crafted tag team match on WWE programming as the Kings of Wrestling take on Vickie Guerrero's two clients.

    After Castagnoli is isolated by Ziggler and Swagger, Hero makes the hot tag and dominates the action for two minutes.

    Swagger is knocked to ringside and the former ROH tag team champions hit the KRS One on Dolph Ziggler for the victory.

    Surely they must now be in contention for a tag team title shot against Air Boom?

    Winners: Kings of Wrestling 

Backstage Segment with Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne

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    We cut backstage to the tag team champions who are lacing up their boots preparing to enter the battle royal later tonight.

    Kofi Kingston

    "Evan, I know that we're both entering the battle royal tonight and we may well end up locking horns out there. But it's important that we do not let our singles ambitions get in the way of what we have as a tag team!

    We both have ambitions to one day be a World Champion? Why else did we get into the wrestling business?

    So I'm just saying that if one of us eliminates the other, there will be no hard feelings between us, alright?"

    Evan Bourne

    "I hear what you're saying and I completely agree. But we should team up in that match tonight and if it comes down to just the two of us, then it is strictly business whatever happens!"

    The two shake hands and continue to get ready for the main event.

Sheamus Out; Alberto Del Rio Interrupts

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    The "Celtic Warrior" is introduced and the new World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down the ramp to a huge face pop.


    "It took me a hell of a long time to reach the pinnacle of the wrestling world again! But I finally did it and now I am the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

    It was a tough match last night and the odds were against me with the calibre of opponent!

    Now the last time I was a World Champion, my title reign was overshadowed by the arrival of the Nexus!

    This time nobody is gonna steal me spotlight!"

    Alberto Del Rio's music hits and he drives down to the ring in a Lamborghini Murcielago.

    Alberto Del Rio

     "Sheamus, to be a great Champion you need to have more than brute strength, you need to have dignity and class!

    I have both of those things and I also have destiny on my side! You see I should be the World Heavyweight Champion right now!

    When Edge was forced to relinquish the title, I was the Number 1 Contender and Royal Rumble winner, it should have passed to me!

    So tonight, Sheamus, I have a match against you and I am going to show you that great Champions are born not made!"

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio

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    The match gets underway and Sheamus immediately goes on the offensive looking to punish Del Rio's impudence.

    But the "Mexican Aristocrat" is crafty and changes the momentum of the match with a Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker.

    Del Rio starts to dominate the match and begins to work the arm in preparation for the Cross Armbreaker!

    Then Sheamus goes into comeback mode and hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker and then attempts the Celtic Cross.

    But Sin Cara Negro runs down the ramp and the referee's attention is completely focused on the interference of Del Rio's lackey.

    This allows Sin Cara Azul to slide from under the ring and throw Del Rio a steel pipe. ADR slips out of the Celtic Cross and nails Sheamus with the pipe, knocking him down.

    The referee turns around and the evidence has been removed with Sin Cara Azul rolling back under the ring.

    Sheamus is stirring but Del Rio puts him down once and for all by nailing an Step Up Enzuiguri!

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

    After the match both Sin Caras enter the ring to congratulate their leader who eyeballs the World Heavyweight title and the signal is clear! 

CM Punk out to Do Commentary

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    CM Punk

    "For those of you that did not watch Vengeance, Alberto Del Rio and I had a hell of a match! To tell the truth, I am bruised and battered and perfectly willing to take the night off!

    I also have an extremely important match next week as I team with Cena and Triple H to see off Awesome Truth and Christian.

    Now I may not like either of my partners but we are united by a common enemy and I believe that Miz, Truth and Christian are a cancer that needs to be eradicated from this company.

    It is one thing to get injured accidentally in the ring but when a pre-meditated attack comes close to costing you your livelihood then it has gone too far!

    Another emotion that I am feeling at the moment is surprise! Surprise that, for once, Triple H actually made a good decision in booking this Battle Royal!

    Because I want to usher in a time of change in the WWE and a Battle Royal means fresh opportunities for deserving young talent.

    I do not want to face John Cena or Alberto Del Rio not because I am afraid of them, I have beaten them both on more than one occasion, but because they represent the status quo.

    I want to see a fresh challenger from the cream of Raw's crop!"

Wade Barrett Interrupts

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    Wade Barrett's music hits and the big Englishman looks delighted to have interrupted Punk mid-promo.

    Wade Barrett

    "Actually Punk, that's where you're wrong! Because what Triple H forgot to mention was that this Battle Royal would also feature superstars from SmackDown!

    I always felt like you robbed me of my opportunity to become WWE Champion when you commandeered control of the Nexus!

    I never achieved revenge for that but tonight I will win this Battle Royal and I will finally claim what should rightfully have been mine a year ago!

    Punk goes to join the announce table while Barrett waits in the ring for the other 24 competitors as we go to commercial break!

25 Man Battle Royal to Become Number 1 Contender for the WWE Title

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    Order of Eliminations

    • Drew McIntyre by John Cena
    • Justin Gabriel by Wade Barrett
    • Tyson Kidd by Randy Orton

    Mark Henry and Big Show target each other and while Big Show is attempting to eliminate his deadly rival, Mason Ryan throws them both out. They brawl up the ramp and into the backstage area.

    • Mark Henry by Mason Ryan
    • Big Show by Mason Ryan
    • Ted Dibiase by Cody Rhodes

    The Sin Caras are protecting Alberto Del Rio but the Kings of Wrestling are trying to fight their way through.

    Swagger then eliminates Kofi Kingston but is caught from behind by Randy Orton, Ziggler rushes at the "Viper" who drops the top rope and sends him flying but finally Rhodes catches him with the Beautiful Disaster and Orton is eliminated.

    • Kofi Kingston by Jack Swagger
    • Jack Swagger by Randy Orton
    • Dolph Ziggler by Randy Orton
    • Randy Orton by Cody Rhodes
    • Zack Ryder and Evan Bourne by Wade Barrett
    • Claudio Castagnoli by Sin Cara Azul and Negro
    • Chris Hero by Alberto Del Rio
    • Sin Cara Negro and Sin Cara Azul by John Cena
    • Mason Ryan by Wade Barrett 

    So it has come down to John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett, Seth Rollins, "Mr Perfect" Joe Hennig, Cody Rhodes, John Morrison and Alex Riley.

    Riley and Morrison continue their rivalry as Morrison eliminates his enemy and himself in the same process.

    Eliminated: Alex Riley and John Morrison

    Cena goes into "Superman" mode and eliminates Rollins and Rhodes in quick succession but then Barrett throws him onto the apron and ADR catches him with an Enzuiguri for the elimination.

    • John Cena by Alberto Del Rio

    Hennig takes advantage to take out Del Rio but he turns around and is knocked out of the ring by the Big Boot of Wade Barrett!

    • Alberto Del Rio by Joe Hennig
    • Joe Hennig by Wade Barrett

    Winner: Wade Barrett

CM Punk Back in the Ring

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    CM Punk slides back into the ring and begins to applause Barrett, who hesitates and shapes for the handshake.

    But the former bare-knuckle champion changes tacks and goes for the clothesline!

    Punk ducks and attempts to clock his next PPV opponent with the WWE Championship but now Barrett is able to avoid the attack and he hoists Punk up on his shoulders.

    Wasteland! On the Championship title and the show closes with Wade Barrett holding the WWE Championship aloft as Punk writhes in agony.