Dallas Cowboys: Blue Stars Shine the Brightest

Jared LillyCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2008

Dear Mr. Phillips,

First off, congratulations on your spectacular first season as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

I must admit, I was skeptical about how this coach I barely heard of was going to turn the Dallas Cowboys into the powerhouse I knew they could be.

Some people mocked you and your style of coaching at "Camp Cupcake"—it must have been a pretty funny joke though, because overall, you got the last laugh.

But, pray tell, what is in store for all of us Cowboys fans next season?

We saw it all this year except for a playoff win and a Lombardi trophy. We saw what was thought to be impossible, the infamous Team Obliterator defend a quarterback. We saw the receiving core function without Terry Glenn. We saw Tony Romo's astonishing 4-yard run against the St. Louis Rams (who were more like Lambs this year).

We saw you tie a franchise record 13-3 regular season, which, at the young age of 15, I did not think I would see. I thought I would survive on stories from the 90's that I was too young to comprehend as they were happening.

Kudos on the Pro-Bowl, an unprecedented 13 all-stars this year, including rookie kicker Nick Folk, who nailed a 53-yard field goal twice to secure a win against the Buffalo Bills.

However, there is one thing I saw this year I would not like to see next year—the winter fall-off that has plagued the Cowboys the past few seasons.

Give my regards to Romo and the team will you, and tell Terrell I cried too.