Target Field, A Good Thing?

Danny Devine@Devine4809Correspondent IDecember 12, 2008

Everyone knows the Minnesota Twins play the great game of baseball a certain way. Some like to call it Twins ball or small ball.  

If you are fan of other teams you just say they cannot hit home runs. Either way the Twins have their own niche and it works very well for them.  They beat out infield singles and love hitting with runners in scoring position. 

The Twins strongly believe what most people should believe about baseball, which is strong pitching and defense will win more than hitting the long ball.  Ask the Tampa Bay Rays how having a strong pitching staff and great defense helped them make it to the 2008 World Series.

With all that is said about the Twins style of play, they are moving to a new field in 2010 will be a big adjustment.  Target Field will be the home for the Minnesota Twins.  It will be beautiful and also much different from what their used to.  

The Hubby Dome now is a major advantage.  The ruff helps them more than anything, but there are others as well.  The turf is a huge reason they always lead the league in home victories.

The Twins favorite hits seem to be the ones through the short third hole to the first second hole.  Putting the speedy Twins on a natural grass will definitely hurt them.  

Time will only tell if this is really the case, but do not be surprised to see the grass cut as low as baseball will allow.