Cure For The Cubs

Sheeraz MohammedContributor IDecember 12, 2008

The Winter Meetings are over. Vegas is free of Major League Baseballs executives, agents, players, media and who knows what else showed up for the annual "MLB Shopping Spree."

This year's gathering at the Bellagio seemed more talk than action all across the tables. The most talked about story of these meetings was the Jake Peavy to the Cubs. And it was not really that surprisingly that it was all talk, and no action. People were shocked that the Cubs were not able to land Peavy. At one point I am sure Authentic Apparel was about to start printing Peavy's Cubs jerseys. The meetings ended, Peavy is still with the San Diego Padres and people are left wondering what happened?

I mean it really should not surprise you that the Cubs were part of another "all talk-no action" episode. Remember the past two post-seasons?

Anyways, let's get past the debacle at the Bellagio and look ahead to what we have with the Chicago National League Ballclub. The biggest need the Cubs had going into the off-season was the lack of balance in their batting order. Highly doubt that Jake Peavy would have fixed that problem. So regardless the issue remains. Cubs need a left-handed power hitter. Two ways to go about this, the first one is very simple, throw money at either Bobby Abreu or Milton Bradley. The second one is a bit more complicated and might require a little more patience. Since nothing is ever easy in life let's pick the second one.

This one would be first a wait and see approach as to where free-agent first baseman Mark Texeira lands. If, as anticipated Texeira picks an AL East team, the Cubs can go to work. This one also requires a little co-operation from the losers of the Mark Texeira sweepstakes, Anaheim Angels.(I know, but to me they would be always be Anaheim, unless they move) The Angels need a first baseman, a middle of the order player. Earlier in the off-season I heard rumors that the Angels might be interested in White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko. And I could not help but wonder why?

So here goes, the Cubs would send Derek Lee (hear me out) to the Angels, which would net them a couple mid to upper level prospects in return. Use those players from the Angels and add a few of their own (Angel Guzman, Kevin Hart, Felix Pie, Jason Marquis, Mike Fontenot and one more) and ship them to San Diego (yes, remember them?) for Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez. (Not okay to call me crazy just yet)

This takes care of the two things, it gets the Cubs a left-handed power hitter in the middle of the order. And for those who are into the whole "dream rotation" this tickles them too. The Cubs can then sign Milton Bradley to a two year deal and put him in RF. Fukodome/Reed Johnson in CF. I really am one of the few on the planet that believe that Soriano can stay at lead-off and do whatever he wants to.

LF Soriano
SS Theriot
1B Gonzalez
3B Ramirez
RF Bradley
C Soto
CF Fukodome
2B Derosa

A well balanced line up with some pop and OBP. This would give managers a run for their money trying to use their bullpen in the late innings.

Again, this might be a pipe dream and many of you are probably wondering how they would pull it off financially? That is really not my problem, I do not run the Cubs finances. I am just a fan and this is my Pipe-dream. Take it for it is, and being a life long Cubs fan this is the only time that they cannot loose.

Oh wait, reality check, Cubs did not leave Bellagio with Jake Peavy! Could be a blessing in disguise!