MLB Free Agents 2012: 5 Most Likely Destinations for Jorge Posada

Joe Acampado@@AwesomepadoCorrespondent INovember 4, 2011

MLB Free Agents 2012: 5 Most Likely Destinations for Jorge Posada

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    There comes a time when a team must part with a beloved, long-time player and that time has come for the New York Yankees and Jorge Posada.

    The regular season showed that he can't play everyday, but the postseason showed that he had something left in the tank.

    Should he choose to play next year, no one is sure of which Posada they'll get. There's also been talks of him retiring, but I get the feeling that he still wants to play.

    Let's take a look at the five places Posada will likely end up.

Tampa Bay Rays

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    Now this is purely speculation, because there hasn't been any word of what team would seriously be interested in Jorge Posada, but I feel like the Tampa Bay Rays would be a good fit.

    The Rays need offensive help like Kris Humphries needs counseling (just let her go, man).

    Johnny Damon was the Rays' DH last season, but he's a free agent this year too.  There's a chance he might return, but Scott Boras is his agent.  

    Not to mention Damon hasn't stayed with a team for more than a year since he was on the Yankees.

    Posada would only play in the AL since he's a DH now.  I'm not too sure if teams want to have a 40-year-old catcher who was never really known for his defense behind the plate.

    Postseason Posada could help the Rays out here.  He could provide protection for Evan Longoria and give the Rays a much needed offensive boost.

One More Shot with the Yankees

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    Going back to the Yankees is probably Jorge Posada's most likely destination if he's going to keep playing.

    The Yankees currently don't have an everyday DH and their bench is also a little thin.  Should Posada continue his postseason performance next year, he could be a great help on both of those fronts.

    Also, there's sentimental reasons for Posada's return.  

    The Yankees are the only team he's ever played for so they might feel compelled to let him return and let him retire as a Yankee.  The Yankees could chase one last ring with him to really send him off on a high note.

    If Posada's going to play next season, playing for the Yankees makes more sense than him playing for any other team.

Coach in the Yankees Minor League System

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    Jorge Posada knows a lot about the game of baseball.  

    He's been around for a while, played against all types of players, caught many pitchers and called many games.  So there's a chance he might know what's what when it comes to baseball.

    For some reason, catchers tend to make good managers.  

    The past two managers for the Yankees were catchers.  Even Mike Scioscia of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Joe Maddon of the Tampa Bay Rays were catchers when they were players.

    Should Posada chose to retire from playing, but still wants to be involved with the game and the team, he can end up developing young players for the Yankees.

    Besides, I'm pretty sure the youngsters would listen to a four-time champion, and the only catcher other than Yogi Berra to hit 30 home runs.

Coach for the Yankees at the Major League Level

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    Jorge Posada would be a better fit coaching in the minors, but he could just as well coach for the Yankees at the major league level.

    Joe Girardi would likely love to have him on the team as a coach.  The only question is where he would fit.

    Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long is likely to have a job for some time, considering the wonders he worked with Curtis Granderson and Derek Jeter.

    The rest of the coaching staff seems set, but should one of the other coaches choose to leave for another team, Posada will likely have a job should he choose to coach.


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    Out of all the options, this will likely be the one Jorge Posada chooses.  

    I'm talking about actual retirement, where he doesn't do anything professionally baseball-related for a while.

    He's been around for a long time and has achieved just about everything a baseball player wants to achieve.  Posada also went out on a relative high note with his spectacular postseason performance.

    He might choose to take a break, and he rightfully deserves one.

    It's sad to see a player leave, especially one who's been with the team for so long.  The best any fan can do is wish him the best of luck and thank him.

    So Mr. Posada, should you choose to leave, thanks.

    Here's to your career and your future.  We'll always have Yankee Stadium.