Mats Sundin Short Lists Canucks as His Potential Team

Joel LefevreAnalyst IDecember 12, 2008

The Mats Sundin sweepstakes continued Thursday as Mats Sundin set his list of potential teams down to five.  The teams left in the running are the Vancouver Canucks, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, and Philadelphia Flyers.  According to his agent JP Barry that list will be shorted to two hopefully by Monday. 

Barry is supposed to meet with Rangers GM Glen Sather Saturday at MSG for the Rangers' game against the Hurricanes.  The best offer on paper has been Gillis' offer of 10 million and Sundin is unlikely to get a better deal than that. 

However, with a new twist in Roberto Luongo's injury Vancouver's chances of landing the superstar may have suffered a huge blow.  Mike Gillis has made no secret of his interest to land Sundin and has stopped at nothing to get it done and now must continue to play the waiting game on the ongoing saga, that is Mats Sundin. 

The Canucks have improved greatly in the goalscoring department so far this season with 88 goals, which puts them in the top 10 in the NHL.  Their powerplay has struggled though lately and is currently ranked 14th in the league which is a definite area that Sundin could help in. 

The Canucks' hopes of landing Sundin may very well ride on the status of Luongo. If he is out long term, Gillis may have to change plans and go out and get a goaltender at some point. 

One thing is for sure though. The Canucks are not short on distractions right now, as the waiting game continues while the Canucks try to refocus their attention on Saturday as they wrap up their seven game road trip in Edmonton against the Oilers.