NFL Week 15 Picks: Return of the Haikus

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IDecember 12, 2008

I have no idea what this says, or if it's even a haiku, but I think it will work. You know, since tattooing random Chinese symbols on the back of your thigh has become so popular, I thought this would be a good opportunity to put some on my blog.

My NFL picks column has become the longest column that I write during the week, which hasn't been a problem during my unemployment. But now that I'm back in the workforce—or at least, working—my time is a little more limited than in the past. That's why we're reverting back to what we tried out in Week Five, we're bringing back haikus!

1 point - Atlanta over Tampa Bay

Homecoming for Dunn.
I like him, but not enough.
Gay for Matt Ryan.

2 points - New York Jets over Buffalo

Favre sucking, Pack worse.
Green Bay fans once divided.
Now cheer for losers.

3 points - Chicago over New Orleans

A must win for both.
The Bears prevail on home turf.
Good head start to week.

4 points - Tennesse over Houston

Oilers return home.
Back to the fans they betrayed.
Game still lacks intrigue.

5 points - San Diego over Kansas City

As I write these picks...
Women's buckets on TV.
It's guys hoops, underwater.

6 points - Arizona over Minnesota

Cards clinched the West.
Rolled though easy division.
Vikes hope to copy.

7 points - Pittsburgh over Baltimore

Ravens playing well.
But Pittsburgh is just too good.
Best in AFC?

8 points - New York Giants over Dallas

Owens hating again?
Rumors say he's mad at Romo.
Stop dropping balls then.

9 points - Miami over San Francisco

Miami on top.
Could win the AFC East.
Just have to win out.

10 points - Philadelphia over Cleveland

Browns playing so bad.
But the game is on Monday.
They beat the Giants...

11 points - Indianapolis over Detroit

Worse than Browns? Detroit.
Not going to win all season.
Although could beat Pack.

12 points - Carolina over Denver

Panthers are for real.
Could they be peaking too soon?
Like they just ate grapes?

13 points - New England over Oakland

Last haiku was dumb.
But had to show Samberg clip.
But could not embed.

14 points - Washington over Cincinnati

Redskinds fading fast.
Zorn an overrated coach?
Like he was QB?

15 points - Green Bay over Jacksonville

Too much on my Pack.
Have let me down all season.
Why even watch this?

16 points - Seattle over St. Louis

Need to take chances.
And feeling good about Hawks.
Only cause Rams suck.