Ray Allen: No Respect, No Problem

Joey MillsContributor IDecember 12, 2008

Ray Allen is leading the Celtics in scoring this season with a 19.3 points per game average.  He is also averaging 3.5 rebounds per game and 2.6 assists per game. 

Even though I hate Ray Allen, I think that he is underappreciated by the Celtics and sports analysts. 

Many people consider Paul Pierce the best player on the Celtics, but Ray Allen beats him in every stat except for rebounds, blocks (but Allen is a guard and Pierce is a forward so he should be behind him in those two categories), assists (they let Pierce set up plays more than Allen), and steals. 

The ESPN announcers said before the Hornets—Celtics game that if they needed a clutch basket that they should go to Pierce.  The problem with their statement is that Ray Allen is a much better clutch player than Pierce. 

Last season, whenever the Celtics needed a clutch shot they gave it to Pierce, and every time Pierce would miss the shot, they would get the offensive rebound, and then they would give it to Ray Allen and he would usually hit the shot. 

Against the Bobcats, they were down by two with a couple seconds left, and the Bobcats had the ball.  Jason Richardson passed it in, but the ball was tipped by Eddie House to Paul Pierce, and after he traveled he passed it to Allen to make a game-winning three at the buzzer. 

They went to Pierce first and he missed, then they went to Ray Allen and he made it. Since I hate the Celtics, I hate Ray Allen because he wins them a bunch of games, but I still think that he is underrated and is the MVP of the Celtics so far this season.

Again, they go to Ray Allen and something good happens. So as a Lakers fan I have to say...I hope the Celtics continue to underrate Ray Allen and continue going to Pierce for a shot instead.