Coach Dan Mullen Leaves Gators... Time for Urban Meyer to Cut the Cord

Joe BuckeyeCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2008

Congratulations to Dan Mullen on his new position... no hard feelings from this Gator. However, it is time for Mullen to move on and to leave the Oklahoma game in the capable hands of the current Gator coaching staff.

Mullen has clearly stated that his highest priority is hiring staff and pulling his '09 recruiting class together. This is not just a full time job; it is far beyond a full time job at this stage of the game.

The Gator offense deserves the full attention of all coaches associated with the Oklahoma game. This is a game of historic proportions for the Gator football program. Meyer, Gonzales, and Addazio are fully capable of handling the offense without Mullen's part-time assistance.

Another point... Mullen is now the leader of a competing SEC football program. The recruiting battle is in full swing, and it may not be a great idea to give Mullen a "bully pulpit" in Miami with weeks of intense press coverage and valuable national television exposure.

Further... Mullen is reported to be courting several members of the Gator's coaching staff to serve on his new Bulldog staff.  The less contact Mullen has with Meyer's staff the better.

Should Meyer trust in Mullen's best intentions? Possibly not. Meyer seemed completely blindsided at his Sunday press conference when asked by a reporter about Mullen's prospects for the Mississippi State job. Meyer had no clue that Mullen was in serious contention for the job. It seems difficult to imagine that Mullen was not aware that the Bulldogs were serious suitors.

All in all, way to go Dan! Best of luck to you and your program, but you belong on the opposite SEC sideline now, not on ours.