Double the 8's Means Double Trouble?

Jared LillyCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2008

Autostock  Richmond International Speedway, May 2006,Earnhardt Jr. celebrates in Victory Lane with Tony Eury Jr. after a phenomenal race. This will be Junior's last trip to Victory Lane until February 2008 in Daytona.

No, Little E has not won the 2008 Daytona 500, atleast not yet. Who knew that the night Jr. won in Richmond would be his last win in a DEI car, with Budweiser on the hood, and with an 8 on the side, at least one 8 anyways.

 In case you have lived under a rock, here's a quick update.  Junior is now at the already dominant Hendrick Motorsports and is sporting a flashy Mountain Dew Amp sponsor, along with National Guard. Let's not forget an already historical number in NASCAR, 88.

Since Jr. has joined Hendrick's Motorsports, he has accomplished more in one race (the non-point affecting Budweiser Shootout), then he did all last year at DEI, he's ran at the front and topped off with a trip to Victory Lane.

Is this a statement to Junior Nation? A cry that says "New team equals new success?" 

I say yes.

It is no secret that Theresa Earnhardt did not supply Dale with the best of equipment, this fact supported by his multiple engines blown during last season's races.  Now wielding the best equipment and a strong Chevrolet Impala SS engine, Jr. will be a force to be beckoned with this season in the Sprint Cup, as he so loudly proclaimed with the roar of an engine and crowd of fans Saturday night.

Look out for 88. 


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