Shonn Greene: The Real Heisman Snub

riley starrsContributor IDecember 12, 2008

Lately, many people have been talking about how Graham Harrell deserved to go to New York and how he was snubbed by the system and voters. However, while Graham Harrell is undoubtedly an excellent player, he is not the real or even most severe snub in this year's Heisman race.

The real snub is Shonn Greene, the Iowa Hawkeyes' running back. Green has been a beast all season, averaging 6.2 yards per carry on a team that has no other legitimate offensive threat. So, even though other teams know Iowa is going to run, he still averages 6.2 yards a carry. He has 1,729 yards on the season with 278 carries, and he averaged 100 yards a game on the entire season.

He also adds a nice number of touchdowns with 17. He is pretty much the only reason Iowa has any wins at all. To not even be up for voting—besides the chance of being a write-in—is ridiculous.  Not only should he have been up for voting, but he should have been a finalist. He's the reason that Penn State is not playing in the title game, after leading the Hawkeyes to a victory against the Nittany Lions.

It just disgusts me that an amazing player like this is not even be up for votes, merely because he's on a team that is subpar and not widely known. The Heisman has become a popularity contest for players at the big schools. No, it should be about the best player on the field all year long.  The fact that Shonn Greene isn't even considered to be amongst these players is sickening.