Mario Balotelli and Holly Henderson: Any Chances Left for Raffaella Fico?

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Mario Balotelli and Holly Henderson: Any Chances Left for Raffaella Fico?
Mario Balotelli can't hide from Raffaella Fico for long...

The Mario Balotelli-Holly Henderson scandal has been making the sports headlines. But what about Raffaella Fico and her relationship with the Manchester City player?

The last few days may have been great for Fico on the business front. It has certainly been the opposite from a personal standpoint, especially in light of the negative buzz surrounding her boyfriend.

At this time, it is unknown whether any of the news has reached her or not. Despite the attention her relationship has been getting in recent days, she still hasn’t reacted.

In a way, all of this was predictable.

When hanging out with a “bad boy” such as Mario Balotelli, there is always something to look out for.

Last week, Balotelli was spotted looking inside an adult magazine in the presence of his missus. This week, Super Mario is in the spotlight again for chasing porn star Holly Henderson.

It has not been confirmed if the magazine and Holly are connected.

Anyways, a source speaking to The Sun revealed, “He is having the time of his life at the moment.”

The source explained: “He first met Holly in a club and has become infatuated with her.”

Will Holly Henderson push the Fico-Balotelli relationship to an end?

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And knowing that the Man City striker even had a cigarette with the 32-year-old glamour model just goes to show how attached he is to Holly.

But that does not mean that Raffaella Fico is “all white” either. Certainly, she has more than a few things in common with the 21-year-old footballer.

Fico, who put up for auction her virginity for a million euros back in 2008, was named among the key personalities at Silvio Berlusconi's "bunga bunga" parties earlier this year. However, there is no denying that this was all before she met Balotelli.

Regardless, Fico—also an ex-girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo—now has to fight for her Super Mario, who has proven to be obsessed with Holly Henderson.

As a matter of fact, she has options: she may either opt to defend her man against all kind of beguiling forces or choose to forget about him and look further, just as she has reportedly done in the past.

At this point, things are not looking promising for the Italian actress.

After just a few months with Mario Balotelli, one can sense that it's the beginning of the end.

As for whether a “Raffaella Fico vs Holly Henderson” battle will truly take place, only subsequent reports will tell.

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