Why Can't TO Keep His Mouth Shut: Terrell Owens Jealous Of Jason Witten

Isaiah AbeytaContributor IDecember 12, 2008

It was just last year that Terrell Owens said that he has a special relationship with quaterback Tony Romo that he has never had with any of his previous quaterbacks before. Now all of a sudden Owens says that Cowboys Tight End and teammate Jason Wittten and Romo have special plays that they make on their own time.

Although Owens states he is not jealous of Witten, he continues to mention that Witten has more catches than Owens. It all started when Owens played for the 49ers, as soon as Jerry Rice left he started to open up and become more vocal. Owens killed what was a good thing between Jeff Garcia, then came along Donovan McNabb, and Owens ruined that relationship as well.

When will it end?

The Cowboys on paper were the best team in the NFL, now at 8-5 it seems they can talk the talk, especially with comments from owner Jerry Jones about running back Marion Barber, but can they walk the walk?