Is Indian Sports Ministry Being Too Political?

Rohini IyerSenior Writer IDecember 12, 2008

The terror attacks on the financial capital of India brought the cricketing world closer, i.e all except one. The already fragile relationship between India and its immediate neighbour to the west, seems to have taken a huge jolt no only in terms of politics but now even in sports.

India and Pakistan have always in the past shared a very turbulent relationship which had now cooled down effectively at least before these attacks. Their animosity wasn't restricted to the political level alone. any sport that India played with Pakistan was a war, which both parties was determined to win at any cost.

Until now, till terror rocked the city, there was an effective cooling in the temper of both these nations, partly due to talks and negotiations in the political front and partly due to cricket in the sporting front.

However, the decision by Mr. MS Gill, the Indian minister for sports vetoing against the tour stating reasons about the involvement of Pakistani terrorists in the Indian strikes, looks very politicised.

The carnage that rocked the city might/ might have not involved Pakistani terrorists, but does that mean that sports and politics should be involved? It also appears that the BCCI had asked for the opinion of the ministry to enable it to come to a conclusion.

Even if it was security reasons, it would have been an understandable issue, but the way Mr. Gill has presented his justification about the cancellation of the tour, it appears as if each and every Pakistani was involved in the massacre. 

If England overlooked and accepted India's reassurances about the security and are playing, as all over the world people keep on saying if we are one the antagonists can't harm our spirit; I ask where is the spirit of India now? Why does it have to bend to certain anti-social characters? Why can't the Indian Government treat politics, terrorism and sports as singular issues?

Then is the world famous, time and again quoted proverb "United we stand, divided we fall" a farce?