Athletes Need To Trash the Trash Talk

Richard MarshSenior Analyst IDecember 12, 2008

It's time to trash the trash talk. This latest outburst from South Philadelphia will surely have Mets fans foaming at the mouth. Just imagine what would have happened to Mr. Cole in his first time in the batters box if we still lived in the time of Bob Gibson, Juan Marichal, and Don Drysdale. My best guess is that he'd be eating from a straw for the next three months. 

Is baseball becoming the NFL or the NBA? It cracks me up to watch a player for a 1-12 team that's losing 31-7 do a touchdown dance, or better watch a lineman sack a quarterback who is 24 out of 27 with three TDs and jump up and down, pumping his fists, acting like a fool.

When Barry Sanders was running wild and Payton and Sayers and Brown scored touchdowns, they'd drop the ball in the end zone and get on with the game.

The NBA is even a bigger joke. Selfish players will make showboating reverse-slams when their team is in last place and their down by 20 with 2:00 minutes to go. Larry Bird, Bill Russell, and Willis Reed wouldn't even think of showboating.

Even Magic Johnson had respect of the game even though he could do just about anything on the court if he wanted to.

As far as Philadelphia is concerned, you need to take a look back at those few class athletes who served your city well, like Mike Schmidt, Dr. J, Tug McGraw, or Lenny Dykstra.

They knew not only how to play the game but also knew the meaning of sportsmanship. Even curtain calls show the other team up. I know this tradition started in New York, and my team is guilty, too (Jose needs to tone it down a little at least until this team can prove just how good it can be), but it still isn't right.