World's Greatest Press Conference Planned For Manchester in January

True BlueCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2008

OK, here's a heads up.

I have been provided with an insight as to the way things at Manchester City are likely to progress in the January transfer window and if, like me you're a City fan get your champagne on ice.

The rumours that have been flying around for months now are, in all probability well below what is going to happen.

Even though Manchester City are  a very professionally run, tight ship in terms of how they handle the press and speculation, the biggest event in Manchester City's history and in truth world footballs history is being considered by the new owners.

At the behest of their new owners there is every chance that Manchester City will hold the mother of all press conferences to announce the mega signings (some already concluded I am told) in the early part of January.

It is intended to be a massive shock to all other clubs and a real atement of intent of MCFC.It will be shown that money can bring together the worlds greatest players at one club.

I don't know who will be in the line up but there are indications that Kaka, Buffon and Tevez will be handed City shirts alongside two or three other big names.

Psychologically this could be a massive blow for ALL other teams as they will be left in no doubt who is the worlds richest club.

Any player will then want to be at City.