" KILL the QB "

Lee ManganoContributor INovember 2, 2011

The real game decider on the field is yellow
The real game decider on the field is yellowJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Is football evolving or has it changed for the worst? The difference between the past, present and the future of the NFL is todays rule changes make it impossible and unfair to compare today’s QB’s to those Quarterbacks of the past who never had all the luxuries of today’s protection rules.


Just a few years ago, there were 2 plays in football that could get a packed stadium on their feet screaming and cheering. Those plays also caused more than a few objects to be thrown at TVs across the country. These reactions came from either a touchdown or a defensive sack.


A sack was considered in the past to be the second most exciting play in a game behind touchdowns. Today because of new rules, that part of the game has drastically changed and now the fans view football in a whole different light because the outcome of a game can be decided by these rules and the referees, and not by the players on the field.


Remember the great Hall Of Fame players as Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, Richard Dent and John Randle? They have all built NFL legacies from their dominating physical abilities to get to the QB. Those games were marked on their schedules for additional preparations when facing these sack masters.





Today instead of building those legacies, defenders are forced while fighting off 1 or 2 blockers from a full out 150 percent adrenaline attack, down to 50 percent every time they approach a QB or risk receiving a $10,000 minimum fine and suspension if they tackle the QB too hard or even push him just a little too late. These rules today easily draw flags without any major contact and give the QB an automatic first down plus 15 yards, instead of a possible punt situation.


Now that the NFL has taken the fear and dominance out of the game and set the rules to tie the hands of the defense and favor the offense. What do you think the game should be called today?  It used to be called “Kill The QB”.


No one wants a QB to get blindsided or speared off balance while unprotected. Everyone understands those dirty hits come under the personal foul and unnecessary roughness rules which begs the question. Why would the NFL weaken the game and give such a favorable advantage to just one side of the ball over the other?





The NFL wants you to believe these rules are in place because of their concern for the players health, but instead their reasoning and worry is about increasing the fanbase and league revenue. The only concern  the NFL office has depends on saving highly paid franchise QBs from any injury which protects their investments for as long as their contracts are in place.


 In addition to NFL owner concerns, these protection rules enhance a QBs ability to perform and increase the passing game and scoring plays. QBs have the luxury of knowing they can not be hit too hard or even too late,  and neither can their receivers downfield until they maintain control of the ball, with both feet on the ground making a football move !


So exactly how does all this make the game better when today we can’t even compare it to its own history?


History is what made football the greatest sport In the world, well at least up until now.