Brewers in the News: Dec. 12

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2008

Brewers News

- Thursday yielded no major moves for Milwaukee, but they did make a nice Rule 5 Draft pickup in RHP Eduardo Morlan: The 22-year-old excelled in the minors, posting insane K/IP rates. I’m excited to see how he’ll perform at the big league level...and I’ll probably see in March because Milwaukee has to keep him on its 25-man roster or Tampa either gets him back, or half of his $25,000 posting fee from Milwaukee.

- Fangraphs has more on Morlan HERE.

- See all the Brewers Rule 5 additions and subtractions HERE.

- Most are probably more concerned with the news of a possible deal with the Yankees involving Mike Cameron: After some surging and stalemates, the talks appear to be back on. In Melvin speak, “close to done” means it’s probably already completed. Friday should be an exciting day.

Kei Igawa may be the missing piece in the Cameron/Cabrera deal: If this deal has to happen and it’s either Milwaukee taking on $4M/year of an unsuccessful 30-year-old pitcher with Cabrera OR paying some of Cameron’s salary and getting only Cabrera, I guess I’d be cool with Igawa...but I personally don’t think either scenario benefits Milwaukee.

Melvin has his sights set on some oldies but goodies: Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, Jamie Moyer, and Randy Wolf were mentioned. Of those, I like Moyer most. Offer him two years, and he’s sure to sign.

- So Brewer fans lost an incredible player and person, but at least we know he’ll be appreciated in New York: I mean...they can’t put a negative spin on gaining such a great player? Can they?

Buster Olney thinks Milwaukee’s time in the spotlight has passed.

Between the Green Pillars wonders what Melvin is thinking.


Minor Leagues

Chris Bosio considers Michael Brantley to be the centerpiece of Cleveland’s Sabathia return.


NL Central

Arthur Rhodes/Reds is a go: Interesting fact, I actually know a guy named Arthur Rhodes… no shit! Swear to God, man! Not the same guy though.

Peavy/Cubs is a no: I don’t know any Jake Peavys.

- The Pirates are close to deal with Ramon Vazquez: Snoresville.



Kyle Farnsworth to get $9M over two years from KC?: I should have learned to pitch kind of OK, too.

Joe Crede update, not that it seems to matter much now. LAMB!

Junior Spivey sighting!: He’s said to be looking for a job. Best of luck to him getting another chance (outside of Milwaukee, that is).

- It was kind of overshadowed by the Winter Meetings, but MLB and the MLBPA adopted new recommendations for bat safety this week: It probably won’t help much, but it’s good to see bat companies will be held more responsible for their quality of their products. But still, aren’t broken bats kind of badass?