Manny Pacquiao Knows How to Relax After a Day of Training

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Manny Pacquiao Knows How to Relax After a Day of Training
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

While there are fighters who get so absorbed with their preparations to upcoming championship bouts that they forget to relax and enjoy life, there are also those who know how to take their mind off of business and devote some time to relaxation.

I understand the concert of "eyes on the prize," still stress and mental unloading should be a part of any preparatory routine. Manny Pacquiao for instance, knows how to relax and dedicate time to his hobbies and things he takes joy in doing.

A recent video shows how Pacquiao likes to spend his evenings after grueling workouts during the day. It is very pleasing to see that Pacquiao likes to show his team that they are truly important to him, and involve them in his life even during important training weeks.

The ability of doing such things doesn’t come easy, as many fighters like to do things by the "old" book, where mental preparation is concentrated on the perceived "enemy." Pacquiao doesn’t seem to have enemies in the sport of boxing, thus despite taking it seriously, makes it seem that he is just as serious about his personal interested and socialization. 

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