Georges St-Pierre Says Cesar Gracie Is Picking on Him

Mike HodgesCorrespondent INovember 1, 2011

Cesar Gracie seems to enjoy picking on Georges St-Pierre. 

Prior to UFC 137, Gracie accused the UFC welterweight champion of showing no signs of a knee injury while walking around earlier last week, but St-Pierre said the injury did limit his mobility. 

While discussing the status of his injury with Ariel Helwani of, St-Pierre said he is recovering well and he should be healthy and cleared to train within two to three weeks. 

In response to Gracie's comments, St-Pierre said he doesn't feel bothered by the accusations. In fact, he feels flattered. 

"It's Cesar Gracie, it's only one person. To tell you the truth sometimes, stuff like this, I take it as a compliment," St-Pierre said. 

"It's funny, Cesar Gracie tried to pick on me a lot lately, I don't know why he does that. I have never disrespected him or do nothing to him to be mad at me or do such a thing."

The Quebec native has always remained calm and respectful to his opponents, while also maintaining a professional image.

St-Pierre isn't likely to make any remarks towards Gracie or his camp in the near future, but with a potential bout on the horizon between him and Gracie's pupil, Nick Diaz, expect the trash-talk and accusations to continue to be aimed at the champion.