10 Hottest Athletes' Famous Ex Girlfriends

Clay DefayetteCorrespondent IIINovember 2, 2011

10 Hottest Athletes' Famous Ex Girlfriends

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    Athletes have tremendous focus in their respective fields, whether it's basketball, baseball, football or whatever. It'd take the tunnel vision of a dog with a bowl around its head to not be thrown off by being with these girls.

    We probably can't have any of the following women. It doesn't mean we can't rank these chicks.

    The rankings are for the now as you will not see Marilyn Monroe even though she was married to Joe DiMaggio. The list is judging how the women currently look.

    Let's see the top 10 ex-girlfriends of athletes and you'll understand why Derek Jeter's picture is posted.

10. Jessica Simpson

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    Should Jessica Simpson even make the list? She'll find a place just because of the wide publicity and the overall view of her from many men.

    Blonde and busty isn't exactly unique. If you want to find someone like that to look at, watch the winner's circle after a NASCAR race if you consider them athletes. Simpson's face isn't great but many aren't looking up top to begin with.

    Who's counting Simpson's husband Eric Johnson as an athlete to begin with? Tony Romo's relationship puts Simpson in the rankings. Both are overhyped for not doing much.  

9. Eva Longoria

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    Tony Parker's ex-wife, star of Desperate Housewives if the show has one, is out of her prime but still good enough to turn heads.

    While details of infidelity got ugly involving the marriage, it doesn't hurt either person involved. 

    Longoria's body can't match many on the countdown, but her face is still top-notch. Small frames tend to age better, a positive for Longoria. 

    The list takes its biggest jump from nine to eight.

8. Kim Kardashian

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    Now that Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, who's rumored to be a bad dude, Reggie Bush's ex is on the market.

    Kardashian's main attraction is what she's packing in the back. Unfortunately for Humphries and Bush, they still had to deal with not only her mouth, but the entire family's. While on the subject, Kim's sister Kourtney seems more sane and she arguably has a better body.

    Kardashian has a thing for subpar athletes, so there's a chance she'd flock to men who have high school basketball on their resume. Those men still need a serious amount of cash though.

7. Kristin Cavallari

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    It's difficult to gauge Jay Cutler's constantly changing relationship status with reality star Kristin Cavallari so, for now, she makes the list. When Cavallari is left at the altar, it's okay to assume things aren't going well.

    Cavallari started in MTV's Laguna Beach and, to her credit, she's expanded all the way to a CSI appearance. She was also on The Hills, MTV's spinoff of her first show. 

    Many unfortunate husbands that are forced to watch ABC's Dancing with the Stars now don't get the privilege of seeing Ms. Cavallari perform as she was voted off too early. If Cutler gets jealous of Cavallari's dancing partner, why can't the average viewer at home realize the reality star's "talent"?

6. Nicole Scherzinger

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    Another argument begins besides Nicole Scherzinger's ranking. Are race car drivers athletes?

    If we assume they are, Lewis Hamilton did a nice job getting Scherzinger. I hate it when people use the expression because it's annoying, but Hamilton deserves a "ZING!" for his accomplishments. The Pussycat Girls lead singer is very desirable to say the least.

    FOX's new reality music show, The X Factor, copied the same network's main talent program, American Idol, by finding a sexy judge to throw in with boring people. Let's just say Schereijd is better than Jennifer Lopez, even if People places Lopez as the Sexiest Woman. 

5. Ciara

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    This R&B singer will lead to one much greater later, but let's discuss Ciara's "Goodies" while we're on the topic.

    She dated Amar'e Stoudemire for a while but the two have reportedly broken up this summer. Isn't it unbelievable to say Ciara has better footwork than the Knicks forward? Such is the case though.

    Ludacris isn't lying when he says Ciara's legs go on for days in the two's collaboration for the song "Ride." Maybe I'm overvaluing natural beauty or the people I perceive to have it, but Ciara's picture is hard to deny.

4. Minka Kelly

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    Derek Jeter, or Mr. Kelly, was dating the actress for just over three years before the two called it quits. He's too old for the 31-year-old beauty anyway.

    The odd thing is that Minka Kelly hasn't appeared in that many great productions. It doesn't matter in the ranking, but it should be noted. 

    Natural beauty is what takes Kelly over others on the list as she ultimately decided against breast augmentation early in her career. It's a choice that was actually wise with her great face.

    The average career span actually makes Kelly too "old" for the majority of the field, but who the hell cares?

3. Jessica Biel

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    If you want to garner up jealousy towards anyone, take a look at Derek Jeter's ex-girlfriends. I'll bat cleanup for the Yankees' leadoff man in this facet. 

    Jessica Biel is built like an athlete, but not too much so. We're not talking about Serena Williams. She's the most accomplished actress by far on the list as Biel has been in a variety of decent movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    The only scary thing about Biel is that she's basically unapproachable by the average joes. 

2. Jessica Alba

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    Derek Jeter again. Damn him, and I'm a Yankees fan. The Jeter stretch run comes to an end here.

    Jessica Alba isn't in her prime looks-wise anymore because of two pregnancies, but google Into the Blue and you'll lose about an hour of your time.

    AskMen.com ranked her No. 1 in 2006 on their "99 Most Desirable Women," as well as earning the top nod for AHM's rankings in the same year. Alba's attractiveness is so great that Playboy used her image illegally.

    Alba has seen the Eddie Murphy career path. Anyone knows from her acting that she's talented, but she always seems to take on terrible movies like Good Luck, Chuck. At least we see much of Alba in the productions, but she deserves better.

    Don't bother daydreaming either. Alba is married. 

1. Rihanna

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    Matt Kemp's game stepped up this season and it's likely not a coincidence. I'd put my career on hold, that is if I had one, to be with basically the "Only Girl in the World." 

    How about this for a short bio on Rihanna: She'd like a "Rude Boy," and "Whips and Chains" excite her. Any more need be said?

    Maybe her tattoos downgrade her appeal to some, but it's not like Rihanna has a Tyson tattoo on her beautiful dome. I'd consider getting her name inked if it helped my Lloyd Christmas "One in a Million" chances.

    Rihanna's current long hair is much better than the short-haired version of the princess.

    Chris Brown, your actions were despicable. Anyone who is lucky enough to be in the presence of this woman needs to handle with care.

    "Take a Bow," Matt Kemp, even though the two beautiful-eyed stars are no longer together.