5 Teams That May Tank to Garner 2012 NFL Draft Picks

Andrew McCluskeyCorrespondent INovember 2, 2011

5 Teams That May Tank to Garner 2012 NFL Draft Picks

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    Unfortunately for many NFL fan bases around the league, there are several teams that are already closing the book on their 2011 playoff hopes. 

    These teams all fall in to another competition. This year, it is called the "Andrew Luck Lottery". Stanford's star quarterback Andrew Luck is the consensus No. 1 pick, assuming he comes out this year. 

    Looking at the teams that are at the bottom of the NFL standings it is clear that many of them need a new quarterback. Chances are most of those teams would love to have the chance to draft Luck. 

    Will any of them ever say they are purposely tanking games to get a better position in the draft? Of course not. 

    None of us will really know whether or not they are tanking games or if they are just that bad. 

    However, if we are to assume teams would tank, here are the five likeliest suspects. 

Miami Dolphins

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    The Miami Dolphins are currently in a race with the Colts to see which team will be the last to win a game this season. 

    The Dolphins have quite a few holes on their roster. The glaring one is their lack of a quarterback. They haven't had a legitimate franchise quarterback for years. 

    Clearly, Chad Henne and Matt Moore are simply fillers. 

    The AFC East is still up for grabs for everyone except for the Dolphins. The rest of the division has a combined record of 14-7. With four divisional games remaining for the Dolphins, it isn't hard to imagine another four losses on their record. 

    All signs are also pointing to head coach Tony Sparano getting the boot after this year. There are rumors that Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden are being looked at as possible replacements.

    It is all lined up to be the perfect turnover for the Dolphins. 

    A new head coach with a solid resume and a stud rookie quarterback with the first overall pick. 

    There is still plenty of season left, but for the Dolphins sake, let's hope Andrew Luck likes warm weather. 

Indianapolis Colts

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    This season has been a brutal reality check for the Indianapolis Colts. 

    After losing Peyton Manning for the entire season, the Colts have been exposed. They are currently an awful 0-8 with no light at the end of the tunnel.

    While we expect that Manning will return healthy next year and things will turn around, it is a grim look into the future for the Colts. 

    What are they going to do after Peyton Manning retires? What happens if his skill set starts to diminish? 

    It is clear that the Colts need to start building toward the future. They went from being one of the elite teams in the AFC to a laughingstock. 

    The perfect plan would be to draft the successor to Peyton Manning. If that successor is Andrew Luck, it would be even better.

    Luck would have the chance to sit for a few years underneath Manning, learning the way he prepares and what it takes to play at his level. Manning would be the perfect mentor for the young quarterback as long as he doesn't pull a "Brett Favre". 

    This preview of what life is like after Peyton may just be enough to have the Colts hoping that win column stays at zero. 

Denver Broncos

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    It looks as if "Tebow Time" is almost over in Denver. 

    After fans clamoring for Tim Tebow to take the reigns as the Broncos quarterback for weeks, he got his chance. So far, he hasn't shown us much. 

    Tebow's biggest weakness is his awareness as a quarterback. He isn't reading defenses correctly and isn't finding his open receivers fast enough. 

    That kind of play puts you on the fast track to finding another uniform to wear. 

    At this point, it is clear that Denver doesn't have an answer at quarterback. They can't turn back to Kyle Orton for the long term at this point and we all know that Brady Quinn isn't an option. 

    So at 2-5 it may be time to look towards the future. 

    With Andrew Luck potentially waiting for the team with the first overall pick, the Broncos may be looking for a way to get him on their roster. 

    Whether that answer will be continuing to start Tebow or trying Quinn, we won't know until a couple of weeks from now. 

    Denver doesn't have a terrible team. It is just lacking that playmaker at quarterback to put it over the top.

    The temptation of having a franchise quarterback thrown onto a team with potential may just be enough for the Broncos to not put themselves in the best position to win.

    If you know what I mean. 

Seattle Seahawks

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    When your two options at quarterback are essentially career back-ups, things are not looking good. 

    The Seattle Seahawks are second in their division. Unfortunately, they have a 2-5 record and the team they are chasing is 6-1. They happen to be a member of the awful NFC West. 

    Seattle has never been the same since they lost the Super Bowl to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even after making a surprising run in the playoffs last year, no one really took them seriously as a contender. They were more of a "Cinderella story" than a legitimate contender. 

    With long-time quarterback Matt Hasselbeck gone, the Seahawks are left with Charlie Whitehurst and Tavaris Jackson. Neither of which have proven that they can be an NFL starting quarterback.

    The Seahawks have many wholes on their roster, but we know what kind of impact a quarterback can have on a team. 

    The rebuilding process will need to begin there. 

    The pressure will be on head coach Pete Carroll to start winning games and winning games soon. Drafting a big time college quarterback like Andrew Luck may be exactly the move he needs to stick around in Seattle. 

Washington Redskins

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    If you are going to tank a season, the Redskins have a longer road to go than most. 

    They got off to a hot start under quarterback Rex Grossman. It appeared for awhile that Rex had found some sort of spark and the Redskins were going to be a surprise team.

    Well, those hopes faded fast. 

    Now backup quarterback John Beck has taken control of the offense, but hasn't had much more to show for it. 

    It is clear that neither Beck nor Grossman is the answer long-term for the Redskins. They will just be two more names added to the list of failed quarterbacks in Washington. 

    If coach Mike Shanahan wants to get back to his winning ways, he will need a franchise quarterback. He remembers what it was like having an elite quarterback in Denver. It wouldn't shock me if he wanted to get another potential stud passer from Stanford on his roster. 

    The Redskins are clearly, once again, the bottom of the NFC East. While they are still 3-4, the chances that they rally to make the playoffs are slim to none. 

    However, if they are going to enter the Luck sweepstakes, then they will need to keep those losses rolling in. 

    They are already a little bit behind.