NFL Draft 2012: 7 Top Prospects Teams Might Take a Pass on

Jeffrey SchmidtCorrespondent IIINovember 2, 2011

NFL Draft 2012: 7 Top Prospects Teams Might Take a Pass on

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    The life on an NFL Draft prospect is one that almost never stays its course. Players are ranked before, during and after the season, and every draft provides picks that some view as stretches while some prospects get passed up.

    Prospects can be passed up for character issues, playing a position that teams may not need or injuries that they experienced during the season.  

    In this article, I tried to select prospects that were clear cut first round picks or right on the fringe because of some issues that they may have experienced. 

    Here are seven prospects that may witness a few minor setbacks when draft day rolls around. 

Janoris Jenkins

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    The current North Alabama and former Florida star had the opportunity to enter the 2011 draft as a projected top 15 pick, but he instead decided to return to school.

    Jenkins was then dismissed from the Florida football team because of a number of drug related issues. These off-the-field issues forced Jenkins to enroll at North Alabama.

    Jenkins is still a potential first round pick, but teams that have picks between 15 and 25 might pass on the prospect because of those of-the-field issues.

Cliff Harris

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    NFL teams usually find it difficult to draft players in the first round that have a hard time staying out of trouble, and Cliff Harris is one of those players. 

    Harris has had a number of issues with traffic-related problems, as he has served two suspensions this season for driving-related infractions.

    Harris was projected by many scouts to be a first round pick, but I expect more teams to pass on him with his latest infractions. 

Bruce Irvin

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    Bruce Irvin looked to be this years prototypical pass rusher.

    The West Virginia defensive end is 6'3" 245 pounds and is an explosive player with a knack for getting after the quarterback, but he is not a skilled enough threat to rectify for his lack of ability against the run.

    Irvin has been relatively quiet with only 2.5 sacks this year compared to last year's 14-sack season, which causes some significant concern in my book. 

    His stock is certainly dropping with his lack of production. 

Lamar Miller

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    Lamar Miller is clearly the best player on the University of Miami's team, but his offensive line has been terrible as of late which is limiting his potential.

    Defenses are stacking the box, and without much of a passing attack to rely on, Miller is suffocating.

    Miller is ranked 13th on Bleacher Report columnist Matt Miller's big board, but I can easily see teams passing him up because of possible durability issues.

Robert Griffin III

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    Robert Griffin III is ranked fourth on Matt Miller's big board, but unlike Matt, I do not consider him as the second best quarterback in this year's draft.

    Let's make it clear that I do see Griffin as a clear first round pick. With that being said, I also consider him behind Landry Jones and Matt Barkely which means that several quarterback needy teams will have had passed him up.

    I have Griffin being selected somewhere in the 15-25 range.

Jared Crick

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    Jared Crick suffered a torn pectoral muscle earlier this season, and many scouts believed that he would have been a top 15 selection if it were not for the injury.

    Crick still has the potential to be a first-round pick, but I expect him to be selected early in Round 2.  

    The defensive end should be ready for the combine in February, but either way expect a number of teams to pass him up.

Quinton Coples

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    Quinton Coples is a one of the nation's best prospects.

    The North Carolina defensive end was a projected top five pick before the season started, but he has recently witnessed his draft stock fall after not producing to the level that he had during his junior campaign.

    Teams in the top five will pass on Coples, but a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Cleveland Browns could be picking in the top 15 and are both potential destinations.