The Bronco Nation Podcast: Spit Blood TCU Interview

JT RayContributor IDecember 11, 2008

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In this Episode:

  • Lane Lanley from the Spit Blood TCU blog stops by to provide us with some TCU insight.
  • 2:20 Min - Lane provides us some background about his blog. A blog for the Younger Generation.
  • 4:20 Min - What the heck is a Horned Frog anyway? I know, but do you?
  • 6:25 Min - Who is the toughest team TCU faced this year, well outside of Boise State?
  • 8:50 Min - What is the strength of the TCU team?
  • 10:55 Min - How well do the Horned Frog Faithful travel.
  • 17:59 Min - What if BSU was in the MWC? Could an MWC team finally beat the Broncos with more chances?
  • 23:00 Min - An MTN Network perspective from a fan forced to watch the MTN.
  • 27:00 Min - As a third-party fan, do you think BSU should be playing in a BCS game? Because we sure do.
  • 33:00 Min - A tribute to Sparty McFarty and Friends, and much, much more.

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