Kansas City Chiefs Beat the San Diego Chargers: Enough with the Excuses!

John BartramCorrespondent IINovember 1, 2011

The minute I got done watching the game, I could have predicted the reaction from the talking heads this morning.  I would have, and was correct.

The Chargers lost the game, the Chiefs didn't win it.  Poppycock.  That last time I looked, an NFL game plays for 60 full minutes—at least.  If Phillip Rivers makes that mistake in the third quarter nobody even talks about it.  They just include it as one of his any mistakes.

It just so happens that this came at a very, very unfortunate time for the Chargers.  With that said, however, let's look a few other things.

Just because he fumbled, does that mean the Chiefs were guaranteed to walk away with the ball?  The answer is no.

An obvious rhetorical question: Who won the coin toss in overtime?  The Chargers did.  What did they do with their possession?  A two-yard pass, a sack by Tamba Hali and a brilliant six-yard run, followed by a punt.

The Chiefs, after a penalty on them, took possession on their own 29.  What did they do?  Matt Cassel passed for a total of 56 yards on the drive.  The Chiefs tack on 18 more yards rushing and then Ryan Succop wins the game.  Additionally, there were no fumbled snaps.

At crunch time, the Chiefs' defense was outstanding, and their offense, led by Matt Cassel, followed suit resulting in a victory.  Improbable, most definitely, but they won the game—nobody gave it to them.

I'm sick and tired of hearing how great Phillip Rivers and the Chargers are.  Hey, here's a news flash: they're not.  I don't care how many yards Rivers throws for.  I don't care how many touchdowns he throws for, even though it took him until late in the fourth quarter to do it last night.

The Chiefs played far from a perfect game last night, as we all say.  So what?  The should have put the Chargers away by the third quarter, but they're still growing as a team, especially without three of their best players.

This is a mentally tough team, led by a mentally tough coach and quarterback.  They are filled with stars.  I've stated in a number of previous articles that if they can get Jonathan Baldwin in the swing of things, they'll have a lethal passing attack.  That process is evolving.

Toward the end of the game, especially in overtime, they finally started using Dexter McCluster the was he should be.  Get him in the open.  He made a number of Charger defenders look foolish.

Their defense is playing outstanding.  Yes, they eventually gave up a bunch of yards to Rivers.  Big deal.  They also kept him to one touchdown and stifled them every time they got close.

I'll take Bradon Flower over any cornerback in the league right now, and yes, that includes you Mr. Revis.  Just imagine that secondary with Berry in it.

I'm not naive about the Chiefs.  They probably will be 6-3 in a couple of weeks which is simply amazing considering their start.  After that, they could conceivably lose five in a row.  If, however, they can somehow manage to win two of those brutal games, they will win this division again.

In the meantime, spare me the Chargers.  They are just not that great of a football team.  How many years do we have to go through this same play to figure this out?