David Haye: "I've Picked the Klitschko I Want!"

Nathan AguilarCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

David Haye's stated, I found my Klitscko and on Saturday I will be ring side calling him out. Former undisputed cruiserweight champion David Haye stepped into the ring as a heavyweight Nov 08 defeating Monte Barrett by a fifth round KO.

The fight was a WBC heavyweight title eliminator, and the knockout win wasn't a surprise with a record 22 (21 KO) one loss Haye knocked out almost every fighter that has stood in front of him. After he defeated Barrett, Haye's made it very clear that he wanted to fight Wladimir or Vitali Klitscko.

Haye has warned Wladimir not to take challenger Rahman to lightly referring to the shot heard around the world when Rahman KO Lennox Lewis with a vicious right hand. Haye went on to state he felt Klitscko would be the better boxer and establish a great rhythm.

Haye said, "I need Klitscko to look amazing he hasn't had a spectacular fight in a long time, if he ever has, and I need him to win because I want to be the one to defeat him for the championship titles he holds."

For a lengthy period Haye in management have been trying to decide which Klitscko brother would be the easiest to get into the ring. Vitali fights Juan Gomez in a mandatory bout in March so a fight with him would push them out until late '09. Haye and camp didn't want to wait that long, and found that Wladimir doesn't half to fight Povetkin until Sept.

Haye stated, "Wladimir can take a voluntary fight in between know and September if there are no injury's that accrue in Saturday bout. But is he man enough?"

Even though Haye is a former champion at cruiserweight, and now wants to make his mark in the heavyweight division, he should realize to be careful what you wish for. Especially when the fighter your calling out is called the Steel Hammer!