Rooney Gets Away With Murder and Then Scores as Well

illya mclellan@illya mclellan @illbehaviorNZSenior Analyst IDecember 11, 2008

Yesterday's UEFA Champions League match had something for everyone watching, even the fans of the Danish underdogs Aalborg.

Aalborg was torn apart in the opening stages of the game before shocking the Old Trafford faithful with two headed goals that had them up 2-1 at the break.

The game finished a relatively tame draw, but this score line was almost a sideline after the ugliness that marred an otherwise exciting showing from the brave Danes.

Wayne Rooney, who many have criticized for his ill-tempered outbursts in the past, was at it again with a stomp and then a studs-up challenge to the back of a player’s leg when the ball was nowhere nearby.

As a fan of Rooney, and of the way he gives his all and works for his team, it was somewhat shocking to see him resort to this sort of petulance when there was absolutely no need for it whatsoever.

Apart from the obvious issue of the potential for serious injuries, he has once again let down the sporting public and the millions of youngsters out there who want to be just like him.

These young players will see this sort of behaviour, and how he gets away with it, and think that maybe it is not so bad to kick out at the opposition if things are not going your way.

At the end of it all, that is all it was, childishness and arrogance in the safety of Old Trafford, and under the nose of a referee who had a chance to make an example of him and instead turned a blind eye to his foolish behaviour.

Meanwhile, in the group’s other match between Celtic and Villarreal, a player was sent off for "appearing" to elbow an opposition player. He shrugged his shoulder and got a straight red card!

I could not believe the inconsistency of it. Absolute lunacy!

To really rub the Aalborg player's noses in it, though, Rooney was on hand to score the equalizer and deny them perhaps the most famous victory in their club's history.

I could not stand the injustice of it and almost switched off the television. Instead, I continued to watch and prayed for the Aalborg winner—anything to put Rooney in his place because the referee, for some reason, had decided not to.

I was glad to see the Aalborg manager celebrating at the whistle because it is still a great result for these players. To have taken a point after travelling to one of the most difficult stadiums in the world for the opposition to even get a look in was, in a way, a victory.

They did, however, get a result and can now look forward to playing in the UEFA Cup and adding some more money to the coffers to really set the club up for the next few years.

They also have bragging rights with friends and family for years about the time they held the champions of Europe to a draw on the their own pitch.

It is a pity that one of the world’s most famous players did his best to try and rain on their parade with a display of idiocy that was embarrassing not only to him, but also to the famous name of the great club he is part of.


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