WWE RAW: Top 5 Moments from Last Night's Show

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IINovember 1, 2011

WWE RAW: Top 5 Moments from Last Night's Show

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    As many people already know, the WWE hosted its Halloween edition of RAW last night.

    In what was sure to be a "hit or miss" episode, the WWE did fairly good job incorporating the Muppets as well as including everyone in the show.

    Today, I am going to list the top five moments from last night. These moments include matches, promos, backstage scenes and the overall furthering of story lines.

Honorable Mentions

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    Cena vs. The Miz

    Although this was a great television match, Cena defeated the Miz clean. Then, Cena managed to stop R Truth from attacking him after the match. Awesome Truth should not be losing steam going into Survivor Series.

    Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes vs. Air Boom

    Wade Barrett managed to pin Evan Bourne for the victory. I like how Barrett's character is being built up again, but he still has a long way to go.

    First Muppet Segment

    The main reason I put this on here is because Kermit the Frog called Vickie Swagger's mom. Priceless..

Sheamus and Beaker

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    Ever since Edge mentioned the comparison between Sheamus and Beaker, fans have been begging to see these two cross paths.

    Well, the WWE Universe doesn't have to wait any longer!

    After Sheamus chased off Christian backstage, he talked to Beaker and considered him family because they have the same hair color.

    It was a quick segment but I'm sure it made a lot of fans happy.

The Rock Accepts

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    In what was a fairly quick promo to start the show, the Rock accepted Cena's offer.

    There's not much I can say to this because everyone already knew he would team with Cena. Now, we just have to wait and see what happens in two weeks when he comes back to RAW.

CM Punk Gets a Title Shot

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    At the beginning the show, CM Punk was set to face Mark Henry. If he won, he could have a title shot against Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series. CM Punk failed to defeat Mark Henry after Ricardo Rodriquez interfered, so he decided to talk to Johnny Ace about it.

    John Laurinaitis decided that if CM Punk asked Alberto Del Rio for a match and he accepted, then he could have the match. 

    After Alberto Del Rio lost to the Big Show, CM Punk made his way to the ring to "ask" for the title shot.

    Want to try and guess what happened?

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Although this match was stop and go, it was great. This match saw both competitors get advantages over each other.

    We don't get to see long matches like this one on television so I personally enjoyed the change.

    This match also served a purpose. That purpose was that Alberto Del Rio was made vulnerable by Big Show to make him submit to CM Punk.

Zack Ryder Defeats Dolph Ziggler Clean

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    I am still in shock from this. Not only did Zack Ryder look strong throughout the match, but he also gained a HUGE victory.

    No run-ins, no disqualifications, no nothing. He won!

    I hope this win equals another title shot at Survivor Series, because Ryder truly deserves it.


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