WWE: Warrior's Criticism of Occupy Wall Street Is Surprisingly Smart

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistNovember 1, 2011

Warrior, the former WWE superstar who legally changed his name, has never been shy about giving his opinion on anything in the world. The latest target of his verbal onslaught are the protesters who have lined the streets of New York for "Occupy Wall Street."

In an interview with TMZ, who apparently decided to take a break from all the Kim Kardashian divorce nonsense, Warrior was asked his thoughts on what has been going on in the world for the last month. 

"I would never take a one-sided defense for Corporate America, but I find it ironic when most of these kids own, like, iPads and iPhones and all this stuff, all these material things, they're a big part of the consumerism that goes on in this country.

I think the biggest statement you can make is not to participate in the consumerism of it all, you know? Don't buy the stuff. Live your own life, practice what you preach. I don't see a lot of that going on.

When they go down an interview these people they don't have an idea what they want done, they just want to participate in something. There's a frenetic energy in screaming and yelling and being a rebel in a way."

I never thought I would say this, but Warrior actually has a point. I am not going to get preachy because this isn't the proper forum to do that, but if you want to stop corporate greed then don't feed the monster. 

There is obviously a lot more to the protest than just getting rid of consumerism, but as far as a bare-bones thesis goes, it's not that far off. 

Warrior has made a career outside of WWE by making controversial statements about things that he either doesn't like or doesn't understand, and maybe this protest falls into those categories. 

I am not really sure what TMZ saw in Warrior that led them to think he was one of the great political minds in the world and just had to ask him about the protest, but at least he didn't stick his foot in his mouth this time as he so often does. 


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