The 25 Most Epic Beards in Sports

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IINovember 1, 2011

The 25 Most Epic Beards in Sports

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    Whether they be long, short, bushy, scruffy, in-style or not, many athletes today like to grow out their facial hair in one style or another.

    Sometimes they look like a hot mess, making fans and critics alike wonder what they were thinking. Other times, however, these beards are epic master pieces that send men into a frenzy trying to grow out their own facial hair. 

    It doesn't matter what sport they play, there are epic beards present in every major sporting league. So here is a list of 25 of the most epic beards in sports today. 

No. 25: DeShawn Stevenson

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    Recently DeShawn Stevenson has been rocking the more clean shaven look, but when he decides to grow out his facial hair, he does it in an epic way. 

No. 24: Dave Bush

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    This beard is a little on the out-of-control scruffy side, but when Dave Bush really lets it go, his beard become the most dominate feature on his face. 

No. 23: David Beckham

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    David Beckham should really work the bearded look more often, it looks good on him.

    His beard shown here is kind of scruffy looking, but in reality is very well maintained, a seemingly very fashionable look right now. 

No. 22: Braylon Edwards

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    Braylon Edwards is someone who just looks more awesome with a full beard.

    Whether it be long or trimmed, his epic facial hair is almost more recognizable than his football skills.  

No. 21: Baron Davis

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    If anyone needs inspiration on how to rock the latest styles in short, full coverage beards, they need look no further than Baron Davis.

    His beards, no matter what length or style, always look well kept and really compliment his face rather than dominating it.  

No. 20: Jayson Werth

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    He may be well known as an outfielder for the Washington Nationals, but he's also pretty recognizable thanks to his epic beard.

    While it may not be huge and fluffy like some of the beards on this list, its fullness and up kept appearance are amazing. 

No. 19: Pau Gasol

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    This Lakers’ player has beard growing skills almost as great as his basketball skills.

    He seems to always rock the very fashionable scruffy beard look, while keeping it maintained, even when it gets a bit long. 

No. 18: Shaun O’Hara

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    Shaun O’Hara’s beard is epic not for its length or fullness or mass coverage of his face, but rather for being short and to the point.  

No. 17: Ryan Franklin

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    Oh is this ever an epic beard.

    The little goatee Ryan Franklin likes to rock is long and does a great job of attracting attention to his face, even when it’s shaded by his hat on the mound. 

No. 16: Djibril Cisse

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    This beard is recognized not for length or fullness, but rather for design.

    Djibril Cisse seems to always style his beard in some intricate or interesting way, like the one in this picture.  

No. 15: Tim Redding

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    Here is another player on this list who’s goatee-style beard has reached epic proportions.

    As far as goatees look, this one is pretty stylish and he always keeps it trimmed and looking fresh. 

No. 14: Johnny Damon

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    Johnny Damon is one of those few people who looks amazing, with or without his beard.

    But when he does sport this full masterpiece, it is always well trimmed and kept to a reasonable length making it pretty epic. 

No. 13: Mike Commodore

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    While he doesn't always rock a beard this awesome, he has been known to grow an epic one.

    Its awesomeness doesn’t come from length or being super bushy, but rather from how fully it covers his face, probably keeping him warm on the ice. 

No. 12: Jeff Saturday

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    This Colts’ player knows exactly how to keep his beard looking awesome.

    It has a slightly scruffy look to it, even in its fullest state, but he manages to keep it trimmed and magnificent at the same time. 

No. 11: Kevin Youkilis

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    He may not always wear the epic beard look, when he does chose to grow it out, Kevin Youkilis has a full and stylish beard that many might be jealous of. 

No. 10: Shea Weber

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    This Nashville Predators player’s beard is almost as fierce as he is on the ice.

    While he only rocked this look for a little while during the time leading up to playoffs and then through the playoffs, it was still epic enough to be memorable. 

No. 9: Ed Reed

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    This Ravens’ safety is another player on this list almost as well known for his playing abilities as his beard.

    It’s just so big and full that it’s the first thing people notice about Ed Reed when they see him. 

No. 8: James Harden

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    James Harden's, player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, beard is one of the most noticeable features about him.

    Sure he’s a good basketball player and sure his hair is pretty well styled too, but that epic beard really draws attention to him. 

No. 7: Matt Light

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    More recently Matt Light has been sporting the clean shaven look, but when he decides to grow out his lovely beard he goes big, not home.

    In this stage of his beard growth, it just looks like something you want to pet because of how fluffy it is. 

No. 6: Ronny Turiaf

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    Ronny Turiaf seems to have found the perfect balance of length, fullness and level of trimming to give himself one of the most epic beards in sports today.

    His beard is just as fierce as his personality on the court can be.  

No. 5: Kimbo Slice

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    This fighter and sometimes actor is almost more recognizable by his beard than his athletic abilities or acting skills.

    It’s large and fluffy, covering most of Kimbo Slice’s face.  

No. 4: Paul Mara

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    Wow this is one fluff-tastic beard!

    It’s short, but seems to add an almost unbelievable amount of volume to his face.  

No. 3: Logan Mankins

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    No matter how he chooses to style his beard, it always looks epic.

    Whether it be the more scruffy look or the longer more bushy lumberjack look, Logan Mankins has a way with beard styles

No. 2: Brett Keisel

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    This epic master piece is very reminiscent of something people imagine when they think of lumberjack beards.

    It’s large and in charge, dominating Brett Keisel's face. 

No. 1: Brian Wilson

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    And coming in at No. 1 with the most epic beard on this list is Brian Wilson. 

    What makes this the most epic beard in sports you ask?

    Well it has a lot to do with how much effort Brian Wilson puts into maintaining its appearance.

    It's even earned him the chant of “fear the beard,” making this one of the most well known and recognizable beards in any sport today.