NYG Trouble Makers

Twins HinesCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

Trouble Makers

There are definitely some trouble makers. The first one is Tiki Barber and ever since he has backed talked the team. I know that Giant fans are not happy with him. But I think Tiki got a rain check when they got Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. They stepped up and made this running game more explosive then ever before. What took me like there allowing Tiki to do this. They let Tiki interview Eli and I know New York fans were in amazement. Tiki shouldn't be near that team after what he said about Tom and Eli. He doubt them thinking they weren't good enough that they needed a new coach and quarterback. Another trouble maker is Jeremy Shockey he has moved teams because he got in a argument with the coach. He was the bad boy and definitely was the other back talker of the team. He said things that he shouldn't have said some things especially about his own players and coaches. It was making the team look bad and it made them play not as good it think. Drama is just to much but this next drama I think the team cooperate with it perfectly. Plaxico Buress was injured and not supposed to play against Washington that weekend. So he deiced to go to a night club with his body guards who has gun. But insist that he has to have a hand gun with him even though he didn't have a restirgation and his body guard has one. Then when they asked for his gun he shot him self giving him the gun. Now Plaxico has been kicked off the team for the season and might face criminal charges. But what the Giants have done without him they won against the Redskins. They have Domix Hixoin which is just great and has really showed that he can stay with the Giants and can be like Plaxico. The Giants have shown that their back up team is good too.

Twins Hines