Referees vs. Philadelphia Flyers? I'm Tired of Agendas

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IDecember 11, 2008

I'm sitting up in the press box right now and watching a how referees can completely destroy and blow a game. And, in my opinion, it's always against the Flyers. I want somebody after reading this to try and remind me of an instance when the Flyers benefited from a call.

I promise you, the response will be zero. During the second period of the game, Andrew Alberts was the victim of an obvious boarding penalty—not called. After Alberts was driven into the wall head first, a fight broke out, obviously. Aarron Asham went to stick up for his teammate and went after the Carolina's Scott Walker.

After that melee happened, Asham was given two minutes for roughing and an extra two minutes for instigating.

WHAT?! Yes, the referees will do anything to make sure they have something to do with a Flyers loss, if it comes about. This is not the first time I have seen this crap this season; it has been going on for years now, but I've reached my boiling point with these zebras.

There is a reason why players purposely try and drill refs with pucks or maybe skate past them and give them a little sweep with their skates. These refs don't care about making a game fair, they all have agendas, and I hope there are readers on B/R who are referees because I'm calling each and every one of you out.

I'm tired of all these so-called "professional" refs blowing games because of their agendas toward players or teams. Fans, including myself, pay hard-earned tax-depleted money to go out and watch these games.

I know I'm going to be unprofessional here as a CL for the Flyers, but Alan and Ken, please forgive me when I say, and I quote: "SCREW YOU, REFS! YOU WANT TO BLOW GAMES, GO TO ATLANTIC CITY, OR CALL TIM DONAGHY. HE'LL HELP YOU BLOW MORE."

I'm sorry, I had to vent.