Omar Minaya: Scapegoat to Hero in 24 Hours

Jason GoldbergContributor IDecember 11, 2008

Once again, on the last day of the season, the Mets missed the playoffs for the second straight year. Everyone wanted Mets GM out of the organization. Everyone blamed him for not fixing the bullpen. The Mets then rewarded him a three-year extension and everyone flipped out saying, "WE JUST COLLAPSED AGAIN! HOW COULD YOU BRING THIS GUY BACK FOR 3 MORE YEARS!"

He then re-hired Jerry Manuel, and then it was back to work to make the Mets contenders again. He boarded the plane for Las Vegas for one reason: pitching. In 24 hours, Omar Minaya again turned the Mets from the laughingstock of the league to contenders.

Last year he did it with getting Johan Santana. This year, he addressed the Mets' biggest problem. He started by signing Fransisco Rodriguez, better known as "K-Rod."

Rodriguez is one of the best closers in the game, something the Mets didn't have down the stretch last year with Billy Wagner undergoing elbow surgery (he will be out all of '09, too). Something else the Mets didn't have in '08 was a set-up man.

Omar got that, too. He traded for J.J. Putz. When healthy, he's one of the dirtiest pitchers in the game. Also, he got rid of Aaron Heilman, the worst pitcher on the team, and the guy that made everyone want to look away when he came into the game.

In 24 hours, the Mets just went from the losers to a team with possibly the best eighth-and-ninth-inning duo in the league. So, for all the Met fans that questioned the re-signing of Minaya, it's simple—he makes the Mets better, and now the Mets fans can be excited again about their team heading into the '09 season and Citi Field.