Musky Fishing Essentials

Jess KContributor IIIOctober 31, 2011

Fishing for musky is very intense. Musky, also known as muskellunge, is a big, strong predator that is very mean-looking and full of fight. Here are a few things you need to know to be successful in hooking and landing one.

The musky’s mouth is long, going back as far as the middle of its eyes. It is also like a duck’s bill but full of sharp teeth. This means that you need to use steel leader to prevent the fish from biting off the line. It also means you need to use a larger fishing hook size and hook that is very sharp.

Muskies are usually solitary hunters that tend to stay in the same area. They are also large fish. Most muskies caught are in 7- to 15-pound range and two to three feet long. It is not uncommon to hook a 20-pounder, which means you need to fish with a heavy fishing line and a heavy-duty rod and reel. The bait casting style of reel is the most popular for musky fishing.

Muskies generally like to hunt in shallow, heavily vegetated areas that are less than 40 feet deep. They rarely leave these areas. They swim though the dense vegetation looking for their prey. If there is a shortage of food in these areas they have been known to inhabit deep water that lacks vegetation. A good set of fishing maps will help you locate the areas in a lake where you will find muskies.

Bag limits and possession limits vary from lake to lake, so be  sure to check the fishing regulations for the area you want to visit.

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