Boise State Football: 5 Bold Predictions for the Rest of the Broncos' Season

Chad ScottCorrespondent IINovember 2, 2011

Boise State Football: 5 Bold Predictions for the Rest of the Broncos' Season

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    Boise State has been on a pretty nice gliding path towards another BCS Bowl game. Perhaps The Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma again? A rematch that would be just as epic as the last time they met. 

    Or maybe the Sugar Bowl against the loser of LSU/Alabama? It would definitely be another chance to prove Boise State can compete with the best of the SEC.

    Given their schedule and their current outlook those are some pretty safe bets.

    Meanwhile Kellen Moore quietly breaks just about every college QB record and plugs away with surgical-like precision. 

    However, I'm not in the mood for safe bets. Let's take a look at some things that will happen before the  Broncos end their season.   

Chris Petersen Turns Down Coaching Jobs at Multiple Major Universities

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    Arizona has already fired its coach and UCLA's is in the hot seat, so obviously Chris Petersen will be at or near the top of the list for both of those schools. However, Chris Petersen will turn down both as he is already quite content with being at BSU and winning tons of games. Plus Boise State will likely move to a BCS conference before the season is over anyway.

    So, sorry other PAC-12 teams, if Petersen turned down Stanford, he will turn you down as well.

    There is one potential situation where Boise State fans may lose their beloved coach, and that is when Joe Paterno retires. Penn State is definitely in the big leagues of college football with obvious potential for national championships and a definite boost to Petersen's pay. 

    The issue is, I don't think Chris Petersen's style of coaching would fit at Penn State. Penn State has always been a power football style team, much like the rest of the Big Ten, and Petersen runs a west coast speed style offense with a lot of movement and a lot of confusion. 

    Chris Petersen has free reign to do whatever he wants at Boise State, something that I doubt the Penn State administration would allow. 

    For more reasons on why Chris Petersen will be staying put in Boise State, check out this other article.

Big East Caves and Joins the MWC/C-USA Mega Conference...

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    For the past month, news has been breaking all over the country that the Big East is looking to add six teams to save their dying conference. Included in that mix is Boise State and, really, Boise State holds the key to the Big East staying alive or at least maintaining automatic qualifying status.

    Given the fact that West Virginia will likely leave the conference, Boise State will see that the Big East is now weaker than the merger the Mountain West Conference and Conference-USA made a few weeks back. Due to the merger, Boise State will opt to stay in the Mountain West conference and a cascade effect will take place where Air Force, Houston and SMU will all stay put as well. 

    When this happens, the Big East will be in a very bad position and they will likely lose their BCS AQ status.  

    To combat that, the Big East will have to re-evaluate an offer that was made by the MWC/C-USA leadership to include the Big East in a 32-team mega conference. Since the Big East does not want to be left out, they will concede that the conference is no longer viable on its own and will merge with the MWC/C-USA as the Eastern division of the conference.

    Boise State would fall into the Western Division in that scenario.  

...But It Won't Matter Since the Big 12 Takes BYU and BSU as a Package Deal

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    Since the SEC and ACC are getting larger, the Big-12 will once again look to keep up by adding two more teams. Right now BYU is No. 1 on their list and it just so happens BYU recently signed a 12-year deal to play the Broncos every season until 2024. What the Cougars and Broncos are trying to do is create a rivalry between the two teams since they are so geographically close.

    BYU will appeal to the Big 12 to bring Boise State along with them to once again have a regional, in-conference rivalry. 

    With Boise State's excellent football chops, national money-making skills and the fact that Bronco Stadium is being renovated to house over 50,000 fans, the Big 12 will be enticed to bring them in. 

    Some will ask "what about Louisville?"

    Louisville is a possibility instead of Boise State for one reason only—basketball. Louisville has a much much better basketball team than Boise State. However, Boise State's football team is much much better than Louisville's and Boise State has a much larger national football following.

    Plus, if conference realignment was about basketball, the Big East would not be falling apart right now.

Kellen Moore Wins the Heisman

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    Statistically, Kellen Moore is better than Andrew Luck. He has put up better numbers and up until the Stanford vs. USC game, he has played better competition. In all actuality, Kellen Moore should be No. 1 and Andrew Luck No. 3, but there is always the Non-AQ stigma. So, as long as Stanford or Alabama stay undefeated, Kellen Moore will not have a shot.  

    That will all change after Stanford gets crushed by Oregon and Alabama falls to LSU. 

    In this day and age, it seems like the Heisman is determined by the best player on the best team, not the best player overall. Well, it just so happens that Kellen Moore may be the best player on the best team at the end of the season simply because...

Boise State Wins the National Championship

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    Every year it seems like Boise State is being talked about as a possible but unlikely candidate for the BCS Championship game. I know that is confusing, but the BCS powers-that-be try to make is seem fair for Boise State by ranking the Broncos high, but then find excuses to keep them out of the BCS Championship. 

    This year there will be no excuses (I'm talking to you Mark May). Oregon will likely defeat Stanford, and Oklahoma State will probably lose at least one of its next three games. With LSU and Alabama facing each other, that leaves Boise State as one of only three undefeated teams. Sorry Houston, now you know how Bronco fans feel.  

    Anyway, I honestly have enough faith in the system that they will not take a one-loss team over the Broncos for the National Championship. Then again, I may be living in fairytale land as well. 

    Not only will Boise State get into the BCS Championship, but they will stun the college football world by defeating LSU in New Orleans. It may take some trick plays and a virtually perfect game plan, but those are both tasks Boise State has consistently shown they are capable of.

    Much like when the Broncos faced Oklahoma as the underdogs, Boise State will rise to the occasion and prove once and for all where they belong.