WWE News: Latest Update on the Undertaker, His Injury Status and WWE Return

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IINovember 1, 2011

The Undertaker is one of the most polarizing figures in WWE history, a future Hall of Famer whose incredible longevity and athleticism despite his large stature have made him one of the most respected and love wrestlers in the business.

Thus, it’s no secret that he is dearly missed by WWE fans whenever he takes a hiatus or is sidelined with an injury. That has been customary over the last few years, however, and the number of injures that Taker has racked up seem to be inching him ever so closer to retirement.

Yet, we’re always going to wish, hope and pray that The Undertaker comes back for one more run before finally hanging up the boots for good.

It appears, though, that the chances of that happening are getting slimmer by the day.

From F4Wonline.com (via SEScoops.com):

As for the Undertaker, there are no plans for him to return to television in the immediate future. At this point, WWE officials are hoping he’ll be healthy enough in time to wrestle at WrestleMania 28 next April.

This probably isn’t the news that Taker fans want to hear, but it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

The Undertaker has been quite injury prone over the last several years, as all of those years of performing at such a high level are finally catching up to him. As much as we want to see him back in the ring as a full-time competitor, it just doesn’t seem feasible at this point.

Plenty of us have speculated that Taker will return in the near future and be the one to finally stop Mark Henry on Smackdown, but I think we can officially throw those plans out the window.

Taker is getting old, his body is wearing down and he’s likely got only one more Wrestlemania match in him. That’s it.

So, instead of begging for The Undertaker to come back and wrestle night in and night out, perhaps we should just let the man wrestle one more match to extend his Wrestlemania streak to 20 and then ride off into the sunset.

He damn sure deserves to.