West Virginia Mountaineers Sue Big East for "Causing" Them To Leave

Bermuda BobAnalyst IIOctober 31, 2011

West Virginia has filed suit to be relieved from the ridiculous 27-month "waiting period" and "exit fee" assessed by the Big East.

This will undoubtedly be decided in an "expedited" manner by the Court because imminent harm can be realized by the West Virginia programme.

It will also open the floodgates for others like PITT and Syracuse, and any others who might be contemplating, or openly admitting that they want out—like UCONN.

There will be no denying that West Virginia has been harmed, as they claim:

"The denigration of the Big East Conference is a direct and proximate result of ineffective leadership and breach of fiduciary duties to the football schools by the Big East Conference and its commissioner."

That's Big East Commissioner John Marinatto they're talking about, who they further claim, did not:

"...maintain, let alone enhance the quality of competition in the league..."

As we all understand all too well, a good offense is a better defense, so West Virginia has beat the Big East to the punch with a very good case, since they can show damages by staying in the Big East. The Big East can not, since they can just add more programmes like they have done before, or, well, they can try.

The only question left, then, is: What if the Big East sent out invitations for membership, to replace those who have bolted, but no one accepted?"