UFC 137: Nick Diaz WIll Push Georges St-Pierre to Another Level

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIIOctober 31, 2011

Georges St-Pierre is one of the most dominant fighters in MMA history. 

St-Pierre's calm demeanor, ability to exploit his opponents' weakness, and international appeal have made him one of the UFC's best go-to guys as they head into the mainstream. 

The problems most critics have with St-Pierre, though, are that he can be boring and has not stopped a fighter since 2009. 

That could very well change when St-Pierre meets Nick Diaz in 2012. 

Following his UFC 137 win, Diaz called St-Pierre scared and believed he was faking his leg injury that pulled him from the card. 

Diaz has already pushed St-Pierre further than most of his previous opponents combined. 

Josh Koscheck talked plenty of trash to St-Pierre when they were coaches on The Ultimate Fighter.

Yet St-Pierre went unfazed by it. 

St-Pierre has also had to deal with accusations of cheating from B.J. Penn and playful banter from Matt Hughes. But no one has caused the reaction that Diaz has. 

“(St-Pierre) is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and he’s always exactly the same no matter what the situation is, no matter who he’s fighting,” UFC president Dana White said at the UFC 137 post-fight press conference.

“But (St-Pierre) said, and I quote—you’re going to think I’m full of (expletive), but this is the truth—I quote, ‘He’s the most disrespectful human being I’ve ever met, and I’m going to put the worst beating you’ve ever seen on him in the UFC.’”

St-Pierre has always been a motivated fighter. But the last time he was this mad coming into a fight was the second time he faced Matt Serra. 

Serra beat St-Pierre in their first bout for the UFC welterweight title. 

St-Pierre, who was mad at himself for losing the fight, came back more focused and motivated than ever before. 

He would go on to win the fight by TKO. 

This was the last true fight that St-Pierre won by stoppage. 

St-Pierre made it clear with Yahoo Sports that he does not like the statements Diaz made. 

“You know, I’m the champion and the way that works is, I don’t pick my fights,” St. Pierre said. “They pick the opponents, and it’s my job to be ready to face whoever it is. But this guy, he said so many things, things that aren’t true. He said these personal things and the way he acted, I don’t like that. I don’t agree with that."

Diaz has already gotten in the head of St-Pierre. The only problem is it could mean he's waking a sleeping giant.