CM Punk and 5 WWE Wrestlers Who Should Have Won a Royal Rumble

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CM Punk and 5 WWE Wrestlers Who Should Have Won a Royal Rumble

WWE fans await the Royal Rumble every year, anticipating their favourite superstars locking up with one another over a time period of at least 60 minutes. All of this for a chance to headline WrestleMania, the most prestigious event in professional wrestling. Though generally predicting a winner is limited to five or six entrants, there is always an outside chance WWE will surprise fans.

Sometimes, that surprise will be good; other times, it will be disappointing. That, quite simply, is the nature of pro wrestling as a business. Certain ideas work out, while others reveal themselves to be poor decisions. The biggest decision in booking the Rumble, of course, is deciding who should win the event; essentially, such a decision entails the creation of a star, because the winner is given a chance to headline WWE's flagship PPV, WrestleMania.

Unfortunately, WWE haven't always got these decisions right. This list will look at five men who should have won the Royal Rumble, what year they should have won it, and how the angle of their triumph and road to WrestleMania should have been booked.

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