UFC 137 Results: Why the UFC Needs BJ Penn to Keep Fighting

Adam OsterkampContributor IIIOctober 31, 2011

After his heart-wrenching loss to Nick Diaz at UFC 137, BJ Penn told Joe Rogan and the rest of the world that he was pretty sure he was going to be retiring.

While it still isn’t completely clear whether or not Penn is actually intent on retiring, he has been one of the best fighters to come through the UFC and one of the most important in MMA history.

Penn is still a relatively young fighter at 32-years-old. The things he’s accomplished in the sport are amazing and very inspiring to fighters and fans around the world.

What’s more inspiring was the heart he showcased in his fight with Nick Diaz. It was so clear that Penn obviously still has a lot more he can do in this sport.

Maybe Penn doesn’t have another title run in him, but he absolutely has a lot of great fights left in him.

Penn’s continued competition is important to the UFC and his fans because the quality of his fights are always superb. While he may not win, he puts on some great fights because he leaves everything in the cage.

For a fighter like Penn, who has already proved himself time and time again, it’s time for him to start fighting for the sheer joy of competition, similar to the way of Matt Hughes.

Penn needs to keep fighting so that he can show future generations of fighters and fight fans what a true competitor is capable of. He’ll continue to pull in viewers simply because of his awesome legacy.

Leaving the UFC now, when it’s growing by such great leaps and bounds, would be a hard blow to the sport. We’d be losing one of the greats before his time was done.

BJ owes it to his fans, the UFC and most importantly to himself to keep fighting for at least a few more years. Not for the belt, but just for the pure rush of competition.He is an integral piece of what made this organization great, and he can continue to do so.