Cole Hamels Had Something To Say to the New York Mets

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIDecember 11, 2008

On WFAN, Cole Hamels was a guest, and he was asked if the Phillies believe the Mets are choke artists. Cole Hamels' answer was, “Last year and this year we did believe that. I think three years ago we didn’t, because they smoked everybody and I thought that was the year they would go to the World Series - and unfortunately that didn’t happen.  But, you know, that’s kind of what we believe and what we’re gonna always believe until they prove us wrong.

"Yeah, over the last two years theyv'e been choke artists.” 

I am really mad a the Phils, not only their fans but the team. Here's what Darryl Strawberry had to say, “That’s sad...If we had a team say that about us – oh, no – they were gonna be in trouble...I mean, it would definitely be hard if, in the days us playing, if somebody said that, I mean, we’d have stuck one right in his neck.

"We’d be fighting.  There’s no way any one would be allowed to disrespect us like that, and that is what has happened to the Phillies.” 

I do think the Mets are gonna show some '86 towards the Phils and beat the living s**t out of them.

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