Report: Mike Cameron traded to New York Yankees for some Melk(y)

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008


ESPN is reporting this morning the Brewers are trading Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera. Mike Cameron, who I believe was a very good influence on our outfield defense, only had one year left in Milwaukee where Melky, who was considered the Yankees “CF of the Future,” doesn’t become a free agent until 2013. Melky had two solid years in 2006 and 2007, but didn’t produce last year and was sent to the minors. More info when it becomes available…

UPDATE: Haudricourt says the deal is probably not completed yet, but it seems close. The Yankees may also be asking the Brewers to include Bill Hall. While Hall’s trade value is limited since he has a couple big money years coming up (at least for the production he’s put up the last two years), I think the Yankees would have to kick in pitching to make this happen.

Their starting rotation already includes Sabathia, Wang and Chamberlain for sure. They’re looking to add at least one more top free agent (probably out of Burnett, Lowe and Sheets) and could also re-sign Pettitte. It seems that they could part with Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy (more likely).

If it’s Kennedy, I think they’ll have to include another prospect to get Cameron and Hall since Melvin was reportedly asking for Cabrera AND Kennedy for Cameron when trade discussions started in November.

Haudricourt mentions the Brewers might have to pay some of Hall’s remaining salary to make a deal happen. More as it comes in…

UPDATE 2: It looks like the sticking point may be the pitcher the Brewers receive in addition to Cabrera and how much money the Brewers would pick up:

Cameron was due to make $10 million next season, and the deal, according to a source, might be contingent on how much the Brewers are willing to pay of that. The source said the more that Milwaukee pays the better the pitcher they could receive in addition to Cabrera.

There’s no mention of Hall in the story.

UPDATE 3: It looks like the Cameron/Cabrera trade has hit a snag. Haudricourt says it may have to do with how much of Cameron’s salary the Brewers are willing to pay. Really? As the Yankees offer ridiculous coin to any free agent with a pulse, they’re asking the Brewers to pick up salary on a player they apparently asked about in the first place?

It’s easy to hate the Yankees…Anyway, it looks like Hall will likely not be a part of the trade since the Brewers wisely passed on adding Kei Igawa to the deal for him.

Jared also contributed to this report. (Always wanted to do that…)