50 of the Sexiest Sports Hotties: Who Would You Rather?

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterNovember 2, 2011

50 of the Sexiest Sports Hotties: Who Would You Rather?

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    Who hasn't played a rousing game of "Who would you rather?"  

    It's a glorious past-time that is as treasured as football on Thanksgiving or fireworks on the fourth of July.  

    I've compiled a list of 50 of the hottest sports hotties in the entire world, put them in pairs and even decided who I'd rather.  

    As you peruse one of the best lists you will ever see in your entire life, please feel free to let us know who you'd rather in the comments section.  

    You might want to remove your socks or risk losing them when they are knocked off at some point.  

Bellator Girls: Mercedes Terrell or Jade Bryce

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    Mercedes Terrell: Beautiful busty brunette Bellator Girl 

    Jade Bryce: Busty blond bombshell Bellator Girl

    Who I'd rather: Jade.  I prefer blond and I dig her whole humanitarian thing.  

Soccer WAGs: Catrinel Menghia or Debora Salvalaggio

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    Catrinel Menghia: Romanian model who is the face of Giorgio Armani worldwide.  Menghia is married to ex-footballer Massimo Brambati and her sister, Lorena, is a high jumper attending college in the U.S. 

    Debora Salvalaggio: Former beauty queen and model who has appeared on the cover of Italian Maxim.  Salvalaggio has dated a number of footballers including Simone Inzaghi, Matteo Ferrari, Victor Hugo and Pele.  

    Who I'd rather: Debora.  She's a former showgirl.  That just sounds fun.   

NFL Cheerleaders: Tori or Teleza

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    Tori: Oakland Raiderette cheerleader, surprisingly wholesome and happy for Raider Nation.  

    Teleza: Washingon Redskins cheerleader, sultry and seductive with a killer body. 

    Who I'd rather: Tori.  I'm really into nice teeth.  If anyone knows Marc Andre Fleury, please refer him to me.    

Retired Russians: Anna Semenovich or Alina Kabaeva

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    Anna Semenovich: Retired Russian ice dancer, currently a model, actress and pop singer.  An awesome pop singer.  

    Alina Kabaeva: Retired Russian rhythmic gymnast with two Olympic medals.  Today, Kabaeva is a politician and since 2007, she's been a State Duma deputy from the United Russia Party. 

    She's appeared on the cover of Vogue Russia and has been linked to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

    Who I'd rather: Alina!  I'm a political junkie and a gossip hound.  A Vogue cover model and Vladimir Putin!  That is my jam.  

U.S. Soccer Stars: Alex Morgan or Hope Solo

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    Alex Morgan: California girl who plays forward for the Western New York Flash and was the youngest player on the roster at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup.

    Hope Solo: This goalkeeper is one of the most recognizable faces in soccer—male or female.  Solo is a free agent because the magicJack franchise was recently terminated by Women's Professional Soccer.  

    Who I'd rather: Alex.  I like Hope's style, but Alex is just my girl.  

Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders: Angela Keathley or Victoria Thomas

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    Angela Keathly and Victoria Thomas: Remember the infamous Panthers cheerleaders who were dismissed from the squad for getting drunk and getting down (with each other) in the bathroom of a Banana Joe's and then getting arrested?  

    Of course you do.  

    If someone hasn't done a "Where are they now" special with these girls, it's long overdue.  I'd love to do it myself actually, so if you're reading this, ladies, call me.  

    Who I'd rather: Something tells me they'd both be down.  

Track and Field Hotties: Allison Stokke or Leryn Franco

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    Allison Stokke: California pole vaulting champion, whose Internet popularity refuses to die—which isn't a bad thing.  

    Leryn Franco: Paraguayan javelin thrower, whose Internet popularity refuses to die—which isn't a bad thing.  

    Who I'd rather: I think Leryn is hotter, but the former beauty queen is probably pretty high maintenance, so I'm going with Allison on this one. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders: Marlana or Meagan

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    Marlana: One of the hottest cheerleaders on one of the hottest squads in the NFL.  

    Meagan: One of the hottest cheerleaders on one of the hottest squads in the NFL.  

    Who I'd rather: Well, one helluva "journalist" (me) ranked them both in the top 10 hottest NFL cheerleaders, so you really can't go wrong.  If I have to choose, though, I'm going with Meagan.  

Blond Twins: Rachel and Lea or Bia and Branca

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    Rachel and Leah: Blond cheerleading twins on the Houston Texans squad.  

    Bia and Branca: Brazilian blond synchronized swimming twins who don't mind getting close for a photo shoot or sharing popsicles.  

    Who I'd rather: Bia and Branca.  Sexy accents always seal the deal. 

Derek Jeter Castoffs: Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel

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    Jessica Alba: Alba and Jeter dated way back in 2006

    Jessica Biel: Biel and Jeter dated way back in 2007

    Pretty nice couple of years for Jeter but then again, aren't all years pretty nice for Derek Jeter?

    Who I'd rather: For some unknown reason, Jessica Biel doesn't seem able to keep the attention of Justin Timberlake, which makes me think something must be wrong with her personality.

    Obviously, it's not something physically wrong. 

    But because it's rumored Derek Jeter gave Jessica Alba herpes, I'm going to go with Biel to be safe.  

UFC Ring Girls: Brittney Palmer or Kelli Hutcherson

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    Brittney Palmer: UFC ring girl, model, artist, featured in Maxim and lover of classic rock.  

    Kelli Hutcherson: UFC ring girl, model, featured in Maxim and currently modeling mostly for Rockstar Energy Drink.  

    Who I'd rather: Brittney for sure.  Girl is not just a pretty face, she's also a pretty talented artist

Soccer WAGs: Milene Domingues or Abbey Clancy

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    Milene Domingues: Brazilian model and former footballer.  Domingues is the (first) ex-wife of football star Ronaldo and is currently married to Spanish footballer David Aganzo.  

    Abbey Clancy: Lingerie model and television host, who appeared in the second cycle of Britain's Next Top Model.  Clancy is married to footballer Peter Crouch and is the sister of footballer Sean Clancy.  

    Who I'd rather: Abbey.  She's literally one of the hottest chicks on the planet.  Nixing Domingues because she's been defiled by CR7.  

Russian Tennis Stars: Maria Kirilenko or Maria Sharapova

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    Maria Kirilenko: Blond Russian tennis star who is currently ranked No. 27 in the world by the WTA.

    Maria Sharapova: Blond Russian tennis star who is currently ranked No. 2 in the world by the WTA.

    Who I'd rather: Kirilenko.  I've always thought Sharapova was just meh.  Daniel Tosh agrees with me.

Sports Broadcasters: Laura Esposto or Marisol Gonzales

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    Laura Esposto: Italian sports broadcaster, who works for Sky Sport (Italy) on the official AC Milan channel.  Esposto is also a model and singer, who once lived in Los Angeles and worked as an ambassador for burger joint Carl's Jr.  

    Marisol Gonzalez: Mexican sports reporter for Televisa Deportes.  Gonzalez is also a former beauty queen, who competed in the Miss Universe pageant in 2003. 

    Who I'd rather: Laura Esposto.  Beauty queens just aren't my style.  

Surfers: Claire Bevilacqua or Stephanie Gilmore

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    Claire Bevilacqua: Blond Australian surfer who appeared in ESPN: The Magazine's body issue in 2009. 

    Stephanie Gilmore: Blond Australian surfer who appeared in ESPN: The Magazine's body issue in 2011.  

    Who I'd rather: Stephanie Gilmore because she just looks happier to be hanging out naked.  

WAGs: Gisele Bundchen or Adriana Lima

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    Gisele Bundchen: Victoria's Secret supermodel who is married to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.  

    Adriana Lima: Victoria's Secret supermodel who is married to Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric.  

    Who I'd rather: Adriana Lima.  I wouldn't want to get Tom Brady cooties. 

Sports Broadcasters: Erin Andrews or Melanie Collins

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    Erin Andrews: ESPN's finest.  National treasure.  

    Melanie Collins: The Big 10 Network's finest.  Not a national treasure yet.  

    Who I'd rather: Melanie Collins.  Ms. Erin is just so wholesome and innocent.  I want to be her BFF instead.  

Snow Bunnies: Kristi Leskinen or Gretchen Bleiler

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    Kristi Leskinen: Pennsylvania girl, freestyle skier who has medaled at the X Games.  Leskien appeared in ESPN: The Magazine's body issue in 2009. 

    Gretchen Bleiler: Ohio girl, snowboarder who medaled five times (four gold) at the X Games.  Bleiler  appeared in ESPN: The Magazine's body issue in 2011.  

    Who I'd rather: Gonna have to go with my fellow Pennsylvania girl!  We're natural adversaries with Ohio girls.  

MMA: Gina Carano or Rachelle Leah

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    Gina Carano: MMA fighter who appeared in the NBC updated updated version of American Gladiators.  Carano has also had some recent acting success.  

    Rachelle Leah: Former boxer and UFC Octagon girl who currently co-hosts an MMA show with FoxSports' Jay Glazer. 

    Who I'd rather: Gina. Carano. She's a goddess—who can beat the hell out of you.  

Fictional Hotties: Linda Barrett or Darcy Sears

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    Linda Barrett: Fast Times at Ridgemont High isn't exactly a sports movie, but Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) is a surfer in the movie.  So it counts.  

    Darcy Sears: Varsity Blues cheerleader Darcy Sears forever made ice cream sundaes a sexually confusing experience.  

    Who I'd rather: Linda Barrett is an eternal icon.  

Golfers: Belen Mozo or Anna Gzebien

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    Belen Mozo: Golfer featured in ESPN: The Magazine's body issue in 2011. 

    Anna Grzebien: Golfer featured in ESPN: The Magazine's body issue in 2009. 

    Who I'd rather: Both hot.  Both blond.  Both golf.  Either/or.

Baseball WAGs: Jennie Finch or Lisa Dergan Podsednik

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    Jennie Finch: Two-time Olympian (silver, gold) softball star and Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model.  Finch is married to minor league baseball pitcher Casey Daigle.  

    Lisa Dergan Podsednik: Model, actress, sportscaster and Playboy's Playmate of the Month in July 1998.  Lisa is married to minor league baseball player Scott Podsednick.

    Who I'd rather: Jennie Finch.  Lisa once dated director Michael Bay—that's just inexcusably bad judgement. 

    They (probably) broke up because Bay (probably) pops in the Pearl Harbor DVD every time he lures a woman into his lair.    

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Melissa or Kelsi

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    Melissa: Sultry brunette Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

    Kelsi: Wholesome all-American blond Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  

    Who I'd rather: Melissa. Kelsi is very religious. No judgement, it's just not a lot of fun.    

Lingerie Football League: Laura Cavender or Joey Davenport

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    Laura Cavender: Lingerie Football League player, model, DJ, Playboy Playmate and sometimes actress.  

    Joey Davenport: Lingerie Football League player and smoking hot blond model.  

    Who I'd rather: Laura Cavendar.  According to her profile, she's a Playboy Painted model and Playboy DJ.  Her entire life sounds ridiculously baller.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders: Nikki or Natalie D.

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    Nikki: Miami Dolphins cheerleader, who has a teacup Yorkie named Mia and wants to have lunch with Chelsea Handler.  

    Natalie D: Miami Dolphins cheerleader, who has two dogs named Brandy and Whiskey and wants to have lunch with "Walter Disney," because he was such a creative and imaginative person (not to be confused with Natalie V. or Natalie W).

    Who I'd rather: Because she called Walt Disney "Walter," I almost picked Nikki, but as someone who named her own dog after alcohol, Natalie D. and I are probably soul mates.  

Bonus WAGs: Anna Benson or Kim Kardashian

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    Anna Benson:  Stripper-turned-WAG who knows how to keep her man faithful.  Benson is currently pursuing a career as a professional poker player and calls herself "The Gold Digger."

    Kim Kardashian: Twice divorced tabloid staple, who is currently accepting resumes for her next husband.  Professional athletes only.  

    Who I'd rather: Anna B.  Everything about this girl is real, except her boobs.