UFC 137 Results: Nick Diaz's Schtick Is Growing Old

Antwyn JacksonContributor IIOctober 31, 2011

Remember the NFL lockout?  Seems like a long time ago.  Did anybody that lives in the real paycheck to paycheck world empathize with a bunch of millionaires fighting with billionaires over money that we give them?  Or how about the ongoing NBA lockout where players and owners are arguing over a few percentage points? 

It's hard to identify and side with an athlete that makes in one fight what most Americans make in a year.  Such is that case with Nick Diaz

Diaz, fresh off of a decision win over the possibly retired BJ Penn, barked at the media saying that he's tired of being the bad guy.  Well, honestly, it doesn't seem like it.  He seems to rather enjoy the role. 

He's complained about money even though he was getting around $175,000 from fights back in Strikeforce and he got a $75,000 fight bonus from UFC 137.  We won't be seeing him in any soup kitchens any time soon.

He also complains about respect.  Sure, we don't look at Strikeforce champions the same way we look at UFC champions, I'll give him that.  But honestly who's fault is that?  Not the UFC's or the fighters in the organization, nor the fans of the organization. 

Strikeforce was known for taking UFC cast-offs and giving them a second chance, so he should be happy that things worked out.  Not only that, he was actually given a direct title shot coming from Strikeforce. 

Did Alistar Overeem leapfrog Junior Dos Santos for a shot at the heavyweight belt at UFC on Fox? Of course not.  But, the UFC saw fit to give Nate Diaz the chance to challenge for the title immediately. 

Then when he disrespected the process and didn't show up for media events, he was demoted to a fight against a UFC legend.  A UFC legend!  After winning the fight, he jumps over a very deserving Carlos Condit to get a title shot.  After all of that, he still gets a title shot and still complains? 

Come on Nick.  You're a fantastic fighter, but just shut up and fight.  Stop complaining.