Snub Overshadows Heisman "Finalists"

Ian RobinettSenior Analyst IDecember 11, 2008

I continue to be appalled by NCAA Football in this season.

What began with completely ridiculous results of the BCS, have continued now with the Heisman Trophy.

How can anyone say that only Sam Bradford, Tim "I Get to Vote for Myself Ha Ha Ha" Tebow, and Colt McCoy are the only three deserving of being invited to the ceremony, and be nominated?  Seriously?  Quite frankly, there are two more individuals who deserve to be named, one is arguable, the other, however, is not.

I'll begin with the one that has my biased opinion, and I admit it, and is argueable.  Shonn Greene, running-back for the University of Iowa, was the number one back in the nation this season.  Hell, he's the only non-Big 12, major offensive player to be named to Rival's All-American Team. 

He lead Iowa, whose passing attack was dreadful to say the least, to a shocking 8-4 season, and a birth in the 2009 Outback Bowl.  So, personally, I think he deserves a nomination, the trophy, not necessarily, but a nomination.

Now let me exit my biased soapbox, and step on my "what-the-hell-are-you-dummies-who-nominated-thinking" soapbox.

Honestly, I have the gut feeling whoever programmed the BCS computers also made the pics for the Heisman.  How else could Graham Harrell, who is arguably better than McCoy and Bradford, not even be invited?!  Harrell took Texas Tech to one of its greatest seasons.  He not only proved he could lead the, often under estimated, Red Raiders to victory 10 straight weeks, he lead them to a victory over, then number one, Texas.

Oh and who was Texas's quarterback in that game?  Hmm?

Anyway, this season is qualified to be deemed a joke.  An inept system of computers picked a tainted National Championship game, and the people who decide who is deserving of a Heisman nod completely disrespect Graham Harrell, and suck up to the schools that bring in the money that lines their pockets.  Yes, this all coincides with money.  How else can you snub someone as deserving as Harrell?