WWE Releases Maryse: Her Top 5 Moments in WWE History

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterOctober 31, 2011

WWE Releases Maryse: Her Top 5 Moments in WWE History

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    We all know the WWE released Maryse a few days ago. She was a nice talent to have, and while she may not be a future WWE Hall of Famer, she had her fair share of fans.

    What did she also have? A lot of great moments with WWE!

    Today, I am going to take a look back and count down my most memorable moments of her career...


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5. Maryse Turns Down Hornswoggle

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    This is just hilarious. For everybody out there missing NXT, this is high comedy at its best!

    Hornswoggle tried to give Maryse some flowers. She accepted them, only to start beating him with those very flowers.

    Great moment. This is what NXT is all about, folks...

4. Kharma Debuts on "Raw"

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    Kharma made her actual live WWE debut the night before, but this was the night most saw her power and destruction.

    Her first target on Monday Night Raw?

    Yes, she attacked Maryse. Poor girl.

    While this is technically Kharma's moment, I am giving it to Maryse as well. She sold the attack well and is forever in Divas history here.

3. Surprise!

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    Anyone remember this?

    Well, it was one of the most awkward "returns" in WWE history; the live crowd barely reacted, and the attack on Melina fell flat.

    However, this moment still stands out in my mind. Who doesn't love "reveals" in this business? Nobody knew who was in the suit, and it was Maryse...surprise!

2. Maryse and Miz

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    These two were great on camera back in 2009. Miz was on a mission to "defeat" Cena each and every week, while Maryse was starting to notice Miz on Raw.

    It made for some fun television. While others might list a swimsuit contest or her debut vignettes on Smackdown while sitting in a bathtub, none of those really stood out to me.

    These moments all did, which brings me to No. 1...

1. Maryse Wins Her First Title

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    Her title win on Raw in 2010 was a disaster. This one was handled a lot better, thus, it is her top moment!

    Defeating Michelle McCool is no small feat.

    Well, Maryse did that.

    Not only that but Maria was the special guest referee to make this moment even more memorable.

    Even on top of that, after the match, Michelle attacked Maria (turning Heel) to make this EVEN better!

    As you can see, Maryse added a lot to WWE in her time with the company. However, the time to see her on WWE TV is now over. I wish her well in her future endeavors.