New York Mets Acquire Stud J.J. Putz

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIMay 26, 2016

Last night the Mets pulled off a three-way deal with the Mariners and Indians. The Mets acquired J.J. Putz, Jeremy Reed, and Sean Green (No not the old Met who always swung for the fences). 

The Mariners acquired Franklin Gutierrez from the Indians, Aaron Heilman, Endy Chavez, Mike Carp, Maikel Cleto, Jason Vargas, and Ezekiel Carrera from the Mets. 

The Indians received one player from each team. They got Joe Smith from the Mets and Luis Valbuena form the Mariners. 

The player I will miss the most from this trade is my man, Joe Smith. I loved this kid's stuff, and style. He had the semi-sub thing going. They say you got to give away good people to get good people in "old-fashioned trades," as Omar Minaya (Mets GM) said. 

This trade was pretty old-fashioned, give good people get good people. 

The bulk of the trade was, of course, closing pitcher (soon to be set-up man) J.J. Putz.  J.J. will complete the duo with Francisco Rodriguez. That is one of the best duos in the bullpen I ever seen, c'mon, think of a duo in the pen who was that good (If you find any current or non-current post it on the comment, I would like to know,) Putz is great and he just might be the better closer of the two. 

The other two players the Mets acquired are Jeremy Reed and Sean Green. Reed is a great corner outfielder who hits with little power but a lot of contact. I liked Reed since last off season, I'm fine with Chavez for him. 

Sean Green is a relief pitcher who has been called a "ground ball machine." 

The Mariners main man in the trade is Aaron Heilman, who I feel is going to do amazing with the M's, because that's how it works. 

The Indians main man I believe would be, Joe Smith. For me, it's hard to see him go. I saw something in this kid and I believe everybody in Cleveland would, too. They got a good guy. 

That's that, the trade is final, my Mets are in good shape, Omar's going all out.  It's been a good past couple days for a Mets fan. You think? I know I do.